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Unmarried children over 21

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by rbakker, May 6, 2005.

  1. rbakker

    rbakker Registered Users (C)

    Hello All,

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a FAQ about this.

    The situation is this: I know (or believe) that US Citizens can sponsor their unmarried children (over the age of 21) to get a Green Card, but that there is a wait involved as approximately only 23,000 of these are assigned per year.

    I have read that the waiting time is currently about 4 years, but there seems to be confusion about this - does anyone have any recent experience of this?

    My question is: what is the status of these children during the waiting time? Are they allowed to live in the U.S., and/or work there? Or can they only visit as tourists?

    Many thanks
  2. rbakker

    rbakker Registered Users (C)

    After more reading on this forum I discovered the link:


    Which shows me that the waiting times at the moment are between 3 and 4 years. My question still stands though: what is the status of the children during that period?

    many thanks
  3. Mus24

    Mus24 Registered Users (C)

    The current waiting time is 4 years and the may not visit the US as tourists since they have an intent to settle there so their visit visa may likely be refused.
  4. rbakker

    rbakker Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the reply, MUS24. In my case I don't think this applies as the children are Canadian and hence don't need a visa. Sorry for not mentioning that beforehand. Visiting won't be a problem but I was wondering if they could stay for over the allowed 6 months and/or apply for jobs.
  5. EricNeesGC

    EricNeesGC Registered Users (C)

    If the children are Canadian citizen, there is a permit called TN which they can obtain to work in the US. You can find more information on Canadian immigration website.


  6. rbakker

    rbakker Registered Users (C)

    Hello Eric,

    Thanks for the info, I didn't know about the TN visa.

    many thanks
  7. LucyMO

    LucyMO Registered Users (C)

    you should look at the Department of State visa bulletin waiting times for a visa number, on on USCIS I-130 approval times.
  8. MOCKBA1999

    MOCKBA1999 Registered Users (C)

    I can only tell you that it's more than 3 (or even 4) years -- my mom applied for my green card (a child over 21) in Feb 2002. Her petition was approved recently; however, the current priority date in our category is 01APR01


    assuming that it keeps moving with the same rate as before, I expect to see my priority date becoming current in year and half from now. Which makes it 5 years =(
  9. Mus24

    Mus24 Registered Users (C)

    My parents applied for me as GC holding parents of child over 21 in 1997.
    Seven years later they got naturalised and i notified the NVC of their naturalisation.Now my case is being progressed and I am in the end stages for GC process.
    So it has taken 8 years to see my GC process underway.
    The current waiting time for GC holding parents of children over 21 is 8 years and that of citizen parents it is no less than 4 years.
    In 1997 when I was filed,it took only 3 months for I130 to approve,now it takes 3 years just to get the I-130 approved.

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