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Travelling Bahamas..

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by sanju_y678, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. sanju_y678

    sanju_y678 Registered Users (C)

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for posting ths question here. I am planning to go on cruise in Nov. My green card is under process, I got my EAD and Advance parole. I am not sure whether it is appropriate to go on Advance Parole to bahamas. I had talk with Indian Cruise Agent(Skypass and Masala Cruise), all said it is better to avoid now and go once you have ur green card, becs we have more security check at PORT. I would like to know, if any one has gone to cruise using AP. Also do we need visa to go on Bahamas ?

    I would appreciate any help from you guys....
  2. whiteone

    whiteone Registered Users (C)

    1) You need visa for Bahamas.
    2) If your I-94 is unexpired and still have a valid H1, they dont even take your I-94. You will come in just by showing your visa @ Bahamas itself. (US Immigration dept is right at Bahamas airport and you will show all your docs right there before boarding the plane and you will land in domestic terminal here).
    3) If you have only AP, then I still feel it is safe to travel. When the same AP can be used for travel to India and people do that, why cannot it be used for a bahamas trip and be unsafe?.

    My 2 cents. Have a wonderful trip.
  3. nato

    nato Registered Users (C)

    cruise staff keeps your passprt

    on return you are asked Q like after any visit from aborad and inspectors can be nasty. they issued a new I-94, if you are still on H1-B, else use the AP,bms visa think nu just pay the cruise, not ur problem, i went in 02
  4. sanju_y678

    sanju_y678 Registered Users (C)

    Hi Nato,

    What I understand from your mail is, You used ur AP and took Bahamas visa, Am I right ? My H1-b is expired. I did my India trip ths june using AP. I got 2 AP left.I can use one of this AP, Am I correct ?

    Did you face any problem at port of entry in US, what were the question they asked you.

    I am going to take all document like pay check, Port of entry letter, AP , Passport and driving Licence. If I m missing any thing, please let me know.
  5. nato

    nato Registered Users (C)

    AP should be better, H1-expiry shoudnot affect

    I went to Bahamas on H1-B not on AP, had a new employer h1 not on Visa in passport.

    Plan to go out to UK in Dec/Jan with AP and H1-B expired.

    You are in status as per the law of pending 485, However think that at 485 approval time think one has to be in US. if not expecting approval then it shoud be fine,

    H1-B expiry should not change anything
  6. Sathya7378

    Sathya7378 Registered Users (C)

    Travel to Bahamas.

    Me and my wife went to Bahamas using with EAD and AP. The immigration people they took one copy of AP and EAD and hold my passport until i return from the cruise.

    They will issue the Sea Pass once they hold the following documents.
    1. EAD Copy.
    2. one Original Copy of AP.
    3. Passport.
    4. Copy of Driver's License.

    I had the same problem when i was planning to go bahamas. If you had AP, EAD, and Passport thats all you need to go bahamas.

  7. sanju_y678

    sanju_y678 Registered Users (C)

    thanks Nato and Sathaya..

    Sathya - Did you take Bahamas Visa from Miami ?
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  8. Sathya7378

    Sathya7378 Registered Users (C)

    Travel To Bahamas

    I left from Fort Lauderdale (20 mins from Miami) to US Virgin Islands, San Juan, Bahamas, St Thomas. (Royal Carrebian)

    They took our passport, COPY of AP and EAD.

    They issue SEA PASS. All you need a SEA PASS to get into Bahamas.
    Use your EAD and AP. Dont use your H1B Visa.

    I stayed only 7 hours in Bahamas.


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