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Top Ranked Online Schools

Discussion in 'College Education in USA' started by Christine707, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Christine707

    Christine707 Registered Users (C)

    In March 2007, the first ever ranking of online school quality was published by the Online Education Database (OED). Grand Canyon University was named the top online university out of 21 schools, based on a list of unweighted criteria:
    • Acceptance Rate
    • Financial Aid
    • Graduation Rate
    • Peer Web Citations
    • Retention Rate
    • Scholarly Citations
    • Student-Faculty Ratio
    • Years Accredited

    *The list of Top Online Colleges 2007:

    1. Grand Canyon University
    2. Florida Metropolitan University
    3. American InterContinental University
    4. Capella University
    5. Fisher College
    6. Colorado Technical University
    7. Post University
    8. University of Maryland University College
    9. Bellevue University
    10. Westwood College
    11. City University
    12. Western International University
    13. Jones International University
    14. Western Governors University
    15. University of Phoenix
    16. Granite State College
    17. South University
    18. Strayer University

    Hope this post will help you to starting your online learning. If anyone also have a list like this, they can share that. Also you can share your valuable opinion about online schools to help beginners. Thank you.

  2. mathewharry

    mathewharry Registered Users (C)

    i dont know your problem but i will research answer given to asap.
  3. tisamit

    tisamit Registered Users (C)

    Great List!!! Thanks for the list. If you want more information on Top online school and colleges then view the link in signature.
  4. BornintheRSA

    BornintheRSA Registered Users (C)

    I don't like that list of criteria. They don't take the actual accreditations into account.
    Nontheless..... it's a good list of schools - albeit in a bad order :)

    I am in the field of Alternative Medicine and would recommend the following schools:

    1. www.gcnm.com
    2. www.ccnh.edu
    3. www.aiht.edu

    In that order.
  5. jasonwhite

    jasonwhite Registered Users (C)

    Great list here.


    Oh what a great list of online schools. But which school is better for human resource course? Please suggest me.
  6. 5hownewsday

    5hownewsday Registered Users (C)

    i want to know that the online schools you list are free or charged ?
    if charged what's the rate?thank you
  7. PRAHA

    PRAHA Registered Users (C)

    avoid on line education..employers don't like it ...and salaries are c..p.......
  8. speakamericano

    speakamericano Registered Users (C)

    i agree w/ that. online degrees don't count for anything. it's a waste of time and money
  9. jujun22

    jujun22 Registered Users (C)

    I hear Kaplan is pretty good.
  10. shampyshone009

    shampyshone009 Registered Users (C)

    Great list of online schools. Melbourne Studio of Art is also a good online school for painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media.

  11. balilumber

    balilumber New Member

  12. awani patil

    awani patil New Member

    hi , i am from India i just pass my B.E and want to complete my MS from USA can you suggest some top most universities where i can apply..currently i am browsing MSMBAinUSA this site for getting information but i want proper information..
  13. harry_won

    harry_won New Member

    Thankyou, very good!
    I will apply.

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