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timeline for I131 ?

Discussion in 'National Benefits Center' started by missPG, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. missPG

    missPG New Member

    Hi all,
    Does anybody have a timeline for I-131 ? The uscis web site says 30-60 days, can I count on that? (my notice of action from MSC says 60-90 days).
    How long does it take to get the actual document once the I-131 is approved?

    F-1 married to USC
    I130, I485, I765, I131 sent to Chicago lockbox
    RD Feb. 23 2006
    ND Feb. 28 2006
    FP Mar. 22 2006
  2. sometime2006

    sometime2006 Registered Users (C)

    A month ago, they were processing them in 3 weeks.
  3. asdrubal22

    asdrubal22 Registered Users (C)

    look at my signature

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