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strange response to service request

Discussion in 'I-485 transfers to local offices' started by ZKHAN, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. ZKHAN

    ZKHAN Registered Users (C)

    I got a strange response to my service request. They have asked me to make infopass appointment at my local office(washington office). MY case is stuck at this office.

    Has anyone gotten the same kind of response??
  2. BALTO786

    BALTO786 New Member

    Background check

    I am stuck in background check.Is any body out there to help me out.See my detail below
    I485 pending since 2002
    EB# substitute labor
  3. ZKHAN

    ZKHAN Registered Users (C)

    Balto786 what do you think about the response I got to my service request??
  4. sri0202

    sri0202 Registered Users (C)


    Even for me also I got same response for my SR. but In SR they mentioned that I've to wait till I get scheduling notice from TSC, I am still waiting for notice. I don't know what it means..


    JSANTANAFUENTES Registered Users (C)

    I filed service request for my i 485 because is outside normal processing time
    the processing of your case has been posponed due to visa availability
    eb3 mexico labor cer 4/25/2001
    i 140 approved 4/30/2009 primary aproved on 3-4-2010 derivative still pending
    please advise

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