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Starting work with OPT approval notice (w/o EAD card)..?

Discussion in 'General F Visa and Related Issues' started by cinzano, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. cinzano

    cinzano New Member

    hi people,

    I applied for OPT on May 23rd, and on June 8th the online status said:

    "On June 8, 2005, after approving your application, we ordered you a new card. Your card will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready."

    Today(June 13th) it was changed to :

    "This case has been approved. On June 13, 2005, an approval notice was mailed."

    I am not sure if the EAD card will come with this approval notice or later. Since the application is approved, is it possible to start working if I have the approval (I requested OPT start date as may 31st).

    I am worried since my job offer might get cancelled if i dont start this week.

  2. bigbernardo

    bigbernardo New Member

    I am in exactly the same situation...They sent my approval notice June 10th but I am not sure if it will have the EAD card with it. From what I have heard however they do tend to come together or very close to each other...Which I hope is true.

    Still, do you know how long it takes for these approval notices to arrive? Mine has to go from the Nebraska Center to Chicago...It was mailed on Friday June 10th, should it be there by Tuesday June 14? I am worried since it has not arrived yet...
  3. LucyMO

    LucyMO Registered Users (C)

    your card will be your approval notice.
  4. satnar30

    satnar30 New Member


    my wife is on F-2 status. She came to US last week. Now we are planning he convert to H1 status. Can we start the process immediately or we need to wait for some specific period of time.
    Any one could please help me.
    Thanks in advance
  5. LucyMO

    LucyMO Registered Users (C)

    whenever you are ready to change to H1....
  6. kiran_56

    kiran_56 New Member

    Same situation

    Hi bigbernardo

    I am exactly in the same situation as you were 2 weeks ago..
    my online status for OPT says that my application has been approved and the approval notice was mailed to me on the 21st of June.

    It has almost been a week and I have still not received it. Can you let me know when you received your card, so that I can use that as a general estimate on the delay in postal service regards to EAD cards..

    Also, generally, can I go to the Immigration office @ Chicago or Minneapolis to get an interim EAD, if I dont receive my EAD card within 14 days (from June 21).

    Thanks in advance
  7. LucyMO

    LucyMO Registered Users (C)

    you can only get an interim EAD if 90 days have passed from the Date Received on the notice of receipt for your I-765 form.
  8. kiran_56

    kiran_56 New Member

    It has been over 90 days (almost 100 days now) since I applied for my OPT..but I am worried as my OPT has been approved and I have still not received it..

    Pls let me know if I can get an interim EAD...
  9. LucyMO

    LucyMO Registered Users (C)

    90 days not from the day you applied, but from the day they received it. make an infopass appt.
  10. orangina

    orangina New Member

    same situation here!! Can we start work "with approval" but "without EAD"??


    I'm a troubled OPT applicant too.
    Receipt notice: April 19th
    Approval date: July 11th
    I changed my address from Chicago to NYC too, I don't know when I'll actually receive my card...

    I was supposed to start employment on July 6th. I am the only one in the firm who can't start training.

    A friend went to Federal Plaza and an immigration officer told him that if you have OPT "approval", you can start work as long as you present your EAD card to your employer within 90days. My employer said no :(
    Does anyone know if I'm really allowed to work after "approval"?

    Thanks much!!
  11. npb

    npb New Member

    similar issue

    I have a similar issue. Its about 85 days since my OPT application, and I have yet not received EAD (Processing dates are still April 11). I am supposed to begin work in about two weeks.

    I am from Michigan, but am moving to Minnesota. Can I apply for my interim EAD at St Paul ?? How many days does it take ??

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