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Should I change job if I-140 is just approved?

Discussion in 'General I-140 and Related Issues' started by Raman, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Raman

    Raman New Member

    I am on H1-B visa and will have I-140 approved shortly. I have another job offer which will also start the GC process immediately. Here are my doubts:
    1. Would I have to go with recruitment/PERM/I-140 process again? Or some steps can be skipped/sped up?
    2. If I don't get my new I-140 approved within 6 months, would I lose the priority date?
    3. If I don't get my new I-140 approved within 6 months, can I continue extending my H1-B visa indefinitely?
    4. What problems can I face if my current employers cancel the current I-140 immediately after I switch?

    In general, I see people advising not to switch jobs in this stage, but the salary difference is really high and I am wondering if it's worth the risk. I have 2 years left on H1-B. Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. George67

    George67 Member

    You should consult with a qualified immigration attorney, but meanwhile Google "H1B portability and grace period". You might find the answers there. I would give you a link here, but I am not able to.

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