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Sample letter for Visitor Visa Extension

Discussion in 'Living in USA On B status and B extension of Stay ' started by mkumar1970, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. mkumar1970

    mkumar1970 Registered Users (C)


    I am applying for extension of visa for my parents, can anyone provide me a sample letter for stating the reasons for their extension. I checked www.immihelp.com, but they don't have anything specific to extension of visa. Any help will be appreciated.

  2. poppyjoy

    poppyjoy Registered Users (C)

    Even i need one.. could someone post it ...please...
  3. KCutyPie

    KCutyPie New Member


    I recently applied for my extension and I had to put reasons in the letter why I want to stay, how you support yourself, for how long you want to stay, and, when leaving the US after the extension expires, what or which travel arrangements have been made to depart. But you have to apply for it at least a month before your original Visa expires and it costs about $200. Processing will take about 3 to 4 weeks. I hope I was a little helpful with my input. :)
    Good Luck!!
  4. pilla75

    pilla75 Registered Users (C)

  5. tracy0723

    tracy0723 New Member

    extension of stay

    hi my name is tracy an i am wish to apply for an extension of stay in the US. i applied for a school in the u.s an have been accepted already the only problem is that i have been denied a student visa in my home country. i came on vacation in the US to visit my sister and decided to reapply while i am over here. however, after research it showed that inorder to change my status to prospective i need to do it a month before i go to school. i am accepted for the fall semester and my I-94 expires on june 20th.if i am going to apply for change of status i must do it in august. i will be illegal in the counrty in the month of agust since i am only here legally til june. hence me needing an extension of stay. for me to apply for an extension of stay i need to show proof that i will return to my home country after my extension but if i am successful in my change of status i will not be returning until i am finished with my schooling. my concern is that if i will get the extension of stay although i will not be going home provided i get through with my change of status

    any advice will be greated appreciated ,
    thank you ,
  6. whoislexa

    whoislexa New Member

    hi this ivy,
    I am applying for extension for visa for my mother in law here in japan, my reason is, because i have a stomach ache that the doctor says is under observation and because of the severe pain i cant even go to work and i cant manage my two kids, so i need my mother in law to stay for another 90 days so my husand can go to work, i already have a doctor certificate.
    Hope you can help me to make a reason of stay. i need it immediatly, Thank you.
  7. haythem72

    haythem72 Registered Users (C)

    my cousin have the same situation i was just wondering what was the immigration reply to your letter


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