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Re-entry permit date of issue and expiration date question

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by miyhaka, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. miyhaka

    miyhaka Registered Users (C)

    So here's the deal..
    My brother who is still in the US right now is planning to go back to Philippines this June 2012 to continue his schooling. This is his second re-entry permit. Even though he wont go to PH until June, he filed for another re-entry permit last Jan. 2012 just to get it over with. He told me when he filed for his Form 131, he did put in his departure date, which is June 9,2012 and that he will return June 9,2014. Then we received his Travel Document and it says that the date of issue was Mar. 13, 2012 and the expiration date, will be Mar. 12, 2014. Is there anything that we can do to change the expiration date/date if issuance, because he won't have enough time to finish school and graduate if he have to come back Mar. 12, 2014. I am so helpless when it comes to this kind of issue and this forum is my first step on trying to resolve it.

    Thank you so much.
  2. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    He can't do anything to change it. He just has to make sure he returns to the US before the permit expires. Expiration of the reentry permit doesn't mean he has to stop studying abroad. He can return to the US in early 2014 or late 2013, then leave again without a reentry permit and stay in the Philippines until he graduates some months later in 2014. And when he returns to the US it doesn't have to be mainland US, it can be Guam or Hawaii.
  3. miyhaka

    miyhaka Registered Users (C)

    thank you for your reply..I want to clarify something though
    So lets say my brother goes back to US(Guam) before his re-entry permit expires ( Dec. 2013). Is there a minimum amount of time that he needs to stay?? Can he just stay a couple of days in Guam and goes back to Philippines to finish school and graduate? I'm not really sure about this but I've read it somewhere that A GC holder can depart from US legally without re-entry permit if the travel is less than one year, so that's where you based your suggestion, right?

    I apologize if this is confusing or it sounds like I'm questioning you, I just can't formulate the right words to make my question clearer:confused:.

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