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RCMP police check in Canada

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by josh000, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    Has anyone on the forum completed an RCMP police check in Canada?

    Could you share your experiences? It seems there is no formal application form to send in, and that you simply send in a written request along with a set of fingerprints and the processing fee. Is this correct?

    It says it takes 11 weeks to process if done by mail, did it take around this long, or shorter/longer for those that did this?
  2. jayo2k

    jayo2k Registered Users (C)

    11 weeks? Are canadian administration that slow? I know the imigration administration is very slow in canada, can take up to 6 years to have the residency
  3. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    Unfortunately that is what it says on the website for requests sent by mail. I am looking in to doing it electronically which takes 3 days, but fear the cost.
  4. haj123

    haj123 Registered Users (C)

    take a look into these links:)


    I think it is fast, and only takes 1 or 2 week if you go to RCMP not local police office. There is no need to take your finger prints if there is no record on their system.
  5. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    Well, that seems awesome! It doesn't jive with what I found on the RCMP site however :(

    The reciprocity by country page states I need a Certified Criminal Record Check or a check from my local police. As the Montreal police don't do such checks and refer me to a private company, I would rather go with the RCMP.

    On the webpage though: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/fing-empr2-eng.htm

    It says: "To conduct a criminal record check we require a full set of fingerprints, including both rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers."

    On the page for processing times: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/time-temps-eng.htm It says it takes 4 weeks.

    On the page for checking status: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/app-dem-eng.htm it says:

    "Criminal record check - 11 weeks if your fingerprints were submitted by mail and your submission does not match to an RCMP fingerprint holding"

    So, I don't have high hopes. Will try and call them and ask directly I guess.
  6. John Locke

    John Locke Registered Users (C)

    Just go to your local police station. They processed my check without any fingerprints and it took about 2 weeks.
  7. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    In Montreal they don't do police checks and refer people to a private company. I feel like that could cause problems and it would be better to go with an RCMP check?
  8. haj123

    haj123 Registered Users (C)

    There are two types of police certificate in Canada .... For US immigiration we need "name checked based" one. The finger print one is the one that takes 4 or 8 weeks and it is for Canada immigration.

  9. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    Why are the two types not listed on the RCMP website? The only check they list states fingerprints are required. I kind of want to go by the RCMP website other than a third party source, although I'm kind of confused at the moment.
  10. tevolo

    tevolo Registered Users (C)

    We did our Canadan police record checks electronically through a private company. This is the best way, although expensive, as it takes only 3 days to complete the check. You must have name & fingerprint check for DV visa interview. Name check only is not good enough.
  11. Sympli Dusty

    Sympli Dusty Registered Users (C)

    I did my police checks in Canada. I advise you to do digital fingerprinting through private company. Even though US consulate should accept name check their web site also states that they might request fingerprint based criminal check. I used these guys http://www.fingerprinting.ca/. They take digital fingerprints and submit them electronically to RCMP. I received my criminal check in mail within 2 weeks. I think the cost was around 80 bucks.
  12. John Locke

    John Locke Registered Users (C)


    Inside Canada: Applicants who are physically present in Canada should contact their local police service or Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) office regarding criminal record check procedures. Applicants may obtain a certificate of no conviction issued by any Canadian police service so long as it notes that Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) or the national criminal records repository was searched using the applicant's name and date of birth. Applicants should ensure that the search includes all names that they have previously used, including maiden names, prior married names, or names used before Canadian naturalization. (Note: Because records checks based on name and date of birth only are sometimes less thorough than those based on fingerprints, U.S. diplomatic offices reserve the right to request that certain applicants obtain fingerprint-based searches from the RCMP.)

    This didn't happen to me. They were happy with the fairly basic check done by the RCMP in British Columbia. Quebec may have a way of making it more complicated but I would've assumed it's a nationwide procedure.
  13. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    I've just been going by the RCMP website, which doesn't list anything about a basic check. I'll ring them and ask, I haven't had the best luck with them in the past.
  14. haj123

    haj123 Registered Users (C)

    I am going to do this in next week in Vancouver.
    Could you please let me know which office you went to in Vancouver? Also the fee? and processing time?

  15. josh000

    josh000 Registered Users (C)

    An electronic fingerprint check takes 3 days and costs $70.....probably the best option.

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