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prevailing wage questions

Discussion in 'General H-1 and H-3 Visa and Related Issues' started by qyz891023, May 1, 2012.

  1. qyz891023

    qyz891023 New Member

    hi guys
    i just completed my bs in accounting 4 years and was hired by a local accounting firm with $40000 salary
    they agreed to sponsor but when i looked up the prevailing wage on the FCL data center, it says $47590 for level one "accountant and auditor"
    now my question is most of my work is doing tax returns, should i file as a "tax preparer" which only requires $23379 in my area, but does tax preparer qualify for a specialty occupation? OR should i just say on the application that besides the base salary 40k, the benefits and overtime pay is about 10k a year which exceeds the prevailing wage?

    which one is better please let me know what you think thanks

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