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Permanent resident staying more than 6 months out side USA

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by Fez, May 28, 2002.

  1. Fez

    Fez New Member

    I need some one to help me with the following problem. My mother is a gc and went country for a visit. She wants to stay there longer than six months and she also have her returning resident permit. But this will count, as per INS as a gc you can not stay out of US more than 6 months. If she stays there over six months how this will be counted with her status. Can any one tell me how this will affect her status? I will appreciate all of your help. Thanks.
  2. Illegal Alien

    Illegal Alien Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    she may not allowed to return in US if she stay there over six months..
  3. asian beauty

    asian beauty Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    As far as i know,if your a green card holder,you are allowed to stay or visit your country over 6 months but do not exceed 1 year..if you go over 1 year you will pay a penalty or might not be able to come back.Check with your local INS office for more information just to be on the safe side.. Because i dont know if her status has any limitation outside the country.

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