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NZ PhD Student Visa, 5 Month Processing time

Discussion in 'New Zealand- Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Mov' started by brainxplode, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Rajasweta Datta

    Rajasweta Datta New Member

    Hii guys got my visa confirmed ...flying to christchurch by end of this month....it took 10 months but finally have it....
  2. Mwaqas

    Mwaqas New Member

    we are on the same stage so it is better to communicate via emails or phone.
  3. palak63

    palak63 New Member

    Hello guys, This is Palak Shah from India, have an offer of place at University of Auckland for PhD in Civil Engineering. Filed my visa on 1st April 2016 through TT services, Ahmedabad. Still awaiting my visa. Its been almost 2 months. Any assistance on this will be of great help
  4. palak63

    palak63 New Member

    i have sent you an email. If possible go through it once and let me know
  5. Kamran Khan

    Kamran Khan New Member

    On 29th May, I received an email that initial assessment has been completed. For further processing,
    1. I should submit missing documents i.e., Birth Certificate and INZ ... . But they also asked to submit some documents which I had already submitted.
    2. They wrote "this is an initial assessment, we will need to conduct external verification checks. This process may take up to eight weeks time. We will not be able to make a decision until these checks have been completed".
    3. They further wrote, if I unable to submit these documents on date 10th of June, then they will process my application using already submitted information.
    4. Note:
    4.1. It is not mentioned that my case has been assigned to any Visa Officer.
    4.2. that is the second email that I received, I did not receive any email that my application has moved to IPB New Zealand like other applicants discussed in the forum.​
    5. Please tell me that how much time will it take to get Visa,
    and what percent of chances that I will get Visa.
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
  6. wahab006

    wahab006 New Member

    Kamran khan please send me your contact number at wahab006@yahoo.com
    I will wait for your reply
  7. Kamran Khan

    Kamran Khan New Member

    I sent email to you
  8. Ram_UOA

    Ram_UOA New Member

    Atlast, got my visa approved after 4 months and 5 days :)
  9. Kamran Khan

    Kamran Khan New Member

    Dear All!

    Let you know that apart from other things the required funding is mandatory, otherwise, please do not apply.
    Due to this issue, now I have very small chances.

  10. mannu1729

    mannu1729 New Member

    Hello diadoran, I want to ask as you already got visa. Do PhD students get time for working in New Zealand? As I have applied for visa for PhD . I have applied for loan but its difficult for me to live there without doing work with study for returning my loan.
  11. mannu1729

    mannu1729 New Member

    Hello Joseph , I want to ask something from you as you already got visa. Do PhD students get time for working in New Zealand? As I have applied for visa for PhD . I have applied for loan but its difficult for me to live there without doing work with study for returning my loan
  12. cropman

    cropman New Member

    I'd like to share my experience of applying for a student visa. I was offered a place in the University of Auckland's PhD program. I visited the INZ website and read that the processing time was 6 weeks. That seemed fine to me. 2 months later I stumbled across this forum and was horrified at the time frames students had described, wait times of 3 months? 5 months? I hadn't planned for this.

    I spoke to an immigration adviser and was told to apply offline. I questioned this, surely an online application would be easier for the immigration department to process? He told me that offline would be better and that even if I wanted to to do it online, I would still have to download the paper forms, fill them up, scan them and upload them. Additionally, I would need to notarise photocopies of my original documents and then upload scans of them too. I have read this advice on this forum as well. This made no sense to me. Why would I upload a scan of a notarised photocopy when I have the original document? The notary is simply verifying that the photocopy is identical to the original. Also I saw no need to download the paper versions of the forms and upload them when the information on them was the same as the online form. I left the adviser and decided to do it on my own. I used the tts website as well as the INZ site to get a list of required documents. I scanned and uploaded all my originals. The online form had a large number of secondary document categories ranging from birth certificate to driver's license. I uploaded everything. The cost of the online form was about 18K, about 4K more expensive than the offline version. I was a bit worried doing this on my own. Every single person not associated with INZ or TTS had told me it takes months, a minimum of 2 months and to expect about 3-4. I didn't know if what I was doing would take even longer or if I had made a mistake in not uploading notarised photocopies.

    It's been about 22 days since I submitted my application. I received an email from INZ the day before yesterday telling me that my visa application has been approved and my passport is being despatched. A total of 20 days means about 15 or 16 working days. Either I'm an outlier, or this happens to most people regardless of how they apply and they just don't write about it, or the online route is actually faster. I'm quite happy with this whole process, the person processing my application was very helpful, and prompt in communicating.

    Now I have to hurry up and find a place to stay! I thought I had more time.
  13. palak63

    palak63 New Member

    Hey man that's really nice to hear you got your visa and that too on your own merits. Lucky you i must say. Alright now all I wanted to ask is that which department you are doing your PhD from?
    shahpalak57@gmail.com is my email address if you could just ping me please. it would be of great help. As I have also applied for PhD at University of Auckland
  14. KAYJOS

    KAYJOS New Member

    I am from Nigeria, I applied for student visa for my PhD ( full scholarship) and also applied for my wife and son with all the required documents since 6th September through VFS in South Africa but haven't heard from them after the acknowledgement of the receipt of our applications. The decision under my application is still pending. I called VFS helpline and I was told it takes 25 working days as against 25 days on the INZ website. Please, any information.
  15. Ilayaraja

    Ilayaraja New Member

    Hi all
    I am from India. I received the student visa within 20 days to study PhD in University of Canterbury. I am going start the course from 1st of February 2017.
    I applied through an agent and the visa is processed in Mumbai.
    Email me if need any information.
  16. @illayaraja - Hi, which department at UC. I got my admit for Ph.D in Electronics and Computer Engineeirng

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