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NVC question

Discussion in 'Consular Processing Issues-Immigrant Visas (Green ' started by boy1980, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. boy1980

    boy1980 Registered Users (C)

    Hi all,
    I received a letter to submit AOS Fee online. I submitted the fee.
    After a month, I received a letter to submit $400 fee for IV processing. I submitted the fee.

    My question is,
    1. I haven't received the AOS form yet. Where will the AOS form be mailed, to applicant or petitioner?
    2. I tried contacting NVC At 6033340700, but this number is always busy or might be not working. Please share your experience with regards to NVC contact.
    3. What will be the next steps from NVC?

    Please advice
  2. raj456

    raj456 Registered Users (C)

    Check this site...and also go through the notes i pasted here....


    NVC phone number 603-334-0700

    You need to speak to a officer so skip the automated service by pressing 1 then 5 after you get through.

    Once you have the case number you need to give the operator the email addresses for you and your parents.

    Next you need to email the NVC the DS-3230 choice of agent. Use this template for the email.




    Next you will get a email from the NVC telling you the petitioner that you need to pay the AOS fee bill it will give you the link to the NVC payment site where you will pay the fee using a credit card or debit card.

    You only need to pay $70.00 once as both your parents cases are linked and they only charge once.

    Once that is paid you will print out a barcode coversheet from the payment site for each parent you will need to attach one to each AOS packet that you have made for each parent

    I-864 – AOS Packet

    See the link below for full details of what you need to send with the I-864


    You will receive another email telling you that the DS-3032 has been accepted and telling you that the DS-230 IV fee bill should now be paid. $400.00 each parent. You will go back to the NVC payment site to do this.




    Again once it shows as paid you will print out another barcode coversheet to include with the DS-230 for each parent. You will need to include Originals of the following documents for each parent.


    You can use the time that the I-130 is being processed to gather all the above document together so that you have them ready to send as soon as you get to each step at NVC.

    Once all the paperwork has been received at NVC they will review your parents cases this can take anything from a few days to a few weeks.

    Once the review is complete then you will get a email telling you that the case is complete and has been forwarded to the embassy in your parents country.

    You will also get a interview letter telling you the date of the interview and a link to the Embassy website with instructions on how to get the medical done and instructions for the interview.

    What you need to do is, you send one complete set of original documents with the Barcode coversheet of one parent and then for the other parent you have to attach to their Barcode Copversheet a photocopy of the original document and write on it "Original Held In Case # LND2009****** " You must do that for every document that is not the original.

    Also when you come to paying the AOS Fee Bill you only need to pay this once, when you go on-line to pay it you will see that it says "includes another case" and it will link to other parent's case so that you can print out the Barcode Coversheet for them both.

    I had my parents sign the DS230 and I then completed it and had all the certifdicates and police report ready to mail as soon as I had paid the IV fee bill and could print the barcode coversheet.

    Once NVC get the DS230 they review all the paperwork and once this is done the case is then complete and you will get a interview date and the case paperwork will be forwarded to the embassy. You will then get a email with the interview instructions and instructions for the medical.

    One hint I can give you is that when you are paying the AOS fee bill you will only have to pay $70 as both cases will be linked and they only charge the $70 once.

    I had all the packets (DS-3032, AOS, DS-230) ready to go before the I-130 was even approved, My parents sent for the police report as soon as the I-130 was sent to USCIS (its valid for 12 months so you can get it as soon as you can). As for the medical in london my parents live too far from london to go just for the day so we knew they were going to have to go twice, one for the medical and again for the interview. My parents did there medical as soon as they could and before they had their interview date. They are on vacation now so it was better for them to have the medical done before they went on vacation rather than trying to rush getting it done just before their interview. They just called the number that is shown on the Embassy website and they were able to get their appointment.

    AS for the DS3032 as soon as I had the case number for their cases I emailed the Choice of Agent template (available on VJ wiki) to the NVC and it was accepted just a few days later. I did it from my email address as my parents were not very sure about how to send it!!

    Documents with DS-230

    Cover sheet.
    Completed and signed application (with original signature)
    2 photos
    Copy of biometrics page of Mum's passport
    Police certificate - original and a 1 copy.
    Mum's birth certificate - original and 1 copy.
    Mum's marriage certificate - original and 1 copy
    My birth certificate - orginal and 1 copy
    My marriage certificate - orginal and 1 copy

    You can find a list of what to include here:

    2 sets of Affidavit of Support

    Once the AOS is paid and you have printed the Barcode coversheet, you need to download the I-864 and complete attatch all the documents required and then mail it to NVC. The full instructions on what you need to do are on the NVC payment site on the right hand side of the page, just click the link.

    It can take two weeks + before the DS-3032 is entered into the NVC system. Use the time to gather together all the paperwork for the DS-230 so that once the DS-3032 has been accepted you can pay the IV Bill and then mail the DS-230

  3. pipedream2

    pipedream2 Registered Users (C)

    Hi Raj,
    Thanks for the process you explained.
    Now when the applicant send DS-3032 by email, would it be OK without signature?
    How about sending the signed and scanned form attached to email?
    Would it accepted?
  4. chintu786

    chintu786 New Member

    Hey Raj, My name is Dave and I am from Texas. Todays I received AOS for my spouse who is in India, and i went ahead and paid that $70 online. My question is regarding the choice of agent.. as I spoke to NVC agent she told me that my spouse can E-mail ( nvcinquiry@state.gov ) by writing that she is chosing me as her agent. Is it ok for her to E-mail instead of mailing it from INDIA? has anybody done this before?? please need help cuz its been 6months already since I filed I-130 for her. Thank you
  5. tikutarzan

    tikutarzan Registered Users (C)

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