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Nonimmigrant Visa Number

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by pendragon, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. pendragon

    pendragon Registered Users (C)

    Hi! i'm filing my I-485, and am wondering where I can find my nonimmigrant visa number. I searched the FAQ's, and found a post with the answer, "The nonimmigrant visa number is the one that is in red at the bottom of the visa. It is not the control number."
    However, the documents I possess, a current I-94 and my notice of Approval (with a receipt number) do not have any such information.
    Am I missing something? What is the ACTUAL visa, the document where I can find my nonimmigrant visa number?

    Many Thanks!
  2. zhm

    zhm Registered Users (C)

    Look at your passport

    it is on the visa page.
  3. pendragon

    pendragon Registered Users (C)

    there is no visa page

    there is only an I-94 stapled into my passport.
    there could be a number of reasons for this - being canadian, changing visa status while in the US - i'm not really sure.
    but there is definitely not a visa page.
    any other ideas?

  4. amishah

    amishah Registered Users (C)

    Visa page is in your passport. The page on which you got your US visa.
  5. pendragon

    pendragon Registered Users (C)

    I appreciate your help, but

    I reiterate: there is NO visa in my passport. I am sure of this. For whatever reasons, I only have an I-94# and an EAC Receipt #.

    Has anyone else had the same experience?

    I've heard from one person who left the Nonimmigrant Visa # box blank, and one person who wrote her I-94# in place of it.

    Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

  6. usnycus

    usnycus Registered Users (C)

    If you don’t have any visa on your passport then how did you enter US?
    Are you parolee/asylum-seeker or person from country who don’t require visa to enter US?

    Please clarify.

    Also, for people who entered US without visa should leave that section blank.

  7. patel1229

    patel1229 Registered Users (C)

    Canadian citizens and some visa waiver countries do not require to have passport visa to enter US. Canadian citizen gets TN visa ( at the port of entry) to work in the US.
  8. pendragon

    pendragon Registered Users (C)

    Not a TN, but I am Canadian

    I entered the US on a special internship exchange program between Canada/US, then changed to H1B while still in the country (I'm already on my 2nd H1). Whenever I leave the country and return, customs stamps my passport and gives me another I-94. They've NEVER given me a passport Visa. So, you see, I'm confused at to what I should write on my I-485 for "Nonimmigrant Visa Number." N/A, None, I-94, etc, etc...

    Wow, I can't believe no one else has this problem.

    Thanks again!
  9. usnycus

    usnycus Registered Users (C)

    Leave that blank or write “N/A”.
  10. Jane Green

    Jane Green Registered Users (C)

    What makes you think this is a problem for you?
    Just because you are not like most people on this board, who comes to US with non-immigrant visa (B-2 for example) doesn’t mean you are in trouble. :confused:

    I put N/A for both questions - a visa number and the country that issued it, since it doesn’t apply. I also attached a copy of my last I-94 with my current immigration status stamp. Advise you to do the same.
    Good luck!

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