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need help for BAMS medical graduate

Discussion in 'Medical Professionals - OTHER than Physicians or P' started by cheeks, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. cheeks

    cheeks New Member

    Hi My wife is on H4 and done BAMS(Bachelors of Aurvedic Medicine) in India.
    I am currenlty looking out available options for her to start employement in USA.

    Please help me what are the options available for her to do employement.
    I have gone through forums and found certification programs like

    How feasible these are wrt to BAMS first of all is she can start writing exams, I have read info but things not cleared may be need some expertise advice

  2. abhuda

    abhuda Registered Users (C)

    I am in the same boat

    Hi cheeks,

    My wife is also BAMS (1999 graduate) Nagpur University, from India. I read a few threads on BAMS on this forum and it says that BAMS from India can not take USMLE. When did your wife do BAMS (year) and which University. We are on EAD, I485 retrogression. I think the best way would be to open a Ayurvedic clinic here or go to Medical school .

    Please keep updated so as we can have some way out for these brillant ladies who did BAMS.

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  3. abhuda

    abhuda Registered Users (C)

  4. cheeks

    cheeks New Member

    Thanks abhuda,
    Iam thinking of Nursing but here that is also too much competition,well I atleast want to know weather BAMS is eligible for Nursing like ECMFG certification etc..
    I will go through other links also..
  5. abhuda

    abhuda Registered Users (C)

    Hi Cheeks,

    Can you share that in which University your wife has done BAMS in India. I think BAMS has dead end in US.
    One needs to go to school or start ayurvedic practice in US. If you search, a few people are doing that in US. However the person need to be very confident and good in communication, to make people gain interest in the ayurvedic therapy.

  6. cheeks

    cheeks New Member

    she finished 2003 year from Bidar, Rajivgandhi University
  7. starsn

    starsn Registered Users (C)

    Me too would like to join this group

    I am a BAMS graduate from Rajiv Gandhi University ,Karnataka. I am here in US on H4 sinece 2 years. But I have no idea what can i do. I am wasting my time here sitting idle :( Having done 5 1/2 years degree is all waste here. I have also done 1 year diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy which is also of no use.
    Please suggest me something if u know something. It is so disgusting that Ayurvedic degree is not recognised in US.
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  8. texancanadian

    texancanadian Registered Users (C)

    Your best bet is one of the following options.

    1) Use your degree as general Bachelors degree. Try to get admission to course like MBA etc and change careers.

    2) Get admitted to an MPH program (Masters in Public Health) and make some use of your medical background.

    3) Try to get certified as a Science teacher in your state to teach Biology etc at high school level.

    4) Try to get into Nursing school (best option money wise).
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  9. starsn

    starsn Registered Users (C)

    Thanks a lot texancanadian....But i have a doubt. When Ayurveda is not recognised here can we use it as a bachelors degree? If it is so thats well and good. I am planning to go for massage therapy schools which offers 9-12 month courses. So if i add my 5 1/2 BAMS degree with massage therapy certificate here, can i get work permit/visa?
    and if i have to go for massage therapy school so i need to get student visa? and do i need to take some exams like GRE, Toefel?

    I have lost all my hopes now having no idea what can i do to work and continue my proffesion here.
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  10. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    One more hope for BAMS, if you put some more years in a DO medical school

    For you one more career path is available but you have to go to school and put some time. Doctor of Osteopathy is fully licensed in US and you can practise in US. Your BAMS supplement the course, however you should have done all the pre-medicine courses (College level Biology, Chemistry , math and Physics) and take MCAT. But admission is not very tough. Get more information from following links


  11. starsn

    starsn Registered Users (C)

    Thanks greatguru for ur sugestion...
    Can someone tell me about massage therapy or cosmetology schools thorugh which we can get a job in Spas. But I think Massaage therapy is 1 year course. Do we need to write any exam to get admission. And can we add our BAMS degree to this and get work permit somehow?
  12. texancanadian

    texancanadian Registered Users (C)

    You can only get H1 for jobs which require a minimum 4 yr bachelors degree. If you finish Massage Therapy or Cosmetology than fine. However H1 will not be issued if you apply as Cosmetologist or Massage Therapist.
    However if you get higher level job in these fields ex Salon Manager or Salon Director or Medical Spa director or Chief Esthetician where you can demonstrate a Bachelors degree is required you could try for H1.
    But that is obviously difficult because unless you know someone no one is directly going to make you a manager or director.
  13. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    Unless you take a proper US education to complement your BAMS H1 b is not possible.

    Even MBBS doctors not eligible for H1B unless they pass all the USMLE exam (min 2 years) and finish their 3 years residency, for BDS dentists, it is worse they have to go Dental school 2- 3 yrs redo the entire course and get license before they get their H1.
    How do you expect BAMS or BHMS get license and H1 in US with out any effort theough the course are not recognized here.

    Spend some quality time to upgrade yourself with US university degree.
    Massage therapy requires not even high school graduation to join.

  14. starsn

    starsn Registered Users (C)

    Thanks a lot greatguru for the info......
    One more doubt here....can I get H1 in IT field with BAMS degree if I do some computer certifications like Software Testing courses from India? Someone suggested me that I can do that and some consultants will sponser H1 with computer knowledge.
    Is it true? If it is realy true I am thinking to jump for an IT job!!
  15. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    What ever the courses/certificates you are doing in IT, must be equivalent to a BS degree in IT/ or Engineering or Science.
    BAMS degree does not qualify for an H1 , same like a MBBS or BDS degree.

  16. abhuda

    abhuda Registered Users (C)

    BAMS Edu Credential Evaluation

    We just wanted to let the BAMS graduates on the forum to know:

    We have sent my wife's BAMS transcripts and degrees along with Grade 10 and Grade 12 Certificates for credential evaluation to World Educational Services. My wife is planning to go for Post Bacculerate program and take Pre-Med courses (1 Yr Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English and some college level calculus). She is taking TOEFL in Oct. The University here will admit her in postbacculurate program. She does not need SAT.

    It is possible that she can get in MS but truly speaking she willl not be able to cope up. Because after Grade 12 science in India in 1992, she went for BAMS where she lost touch to modern science study. BAMS was in Sanskrit and Marathi medium.

    Her long term goal is to go to MD or DO. She is not very keen to go to nursing from her Ayurvedic Physicisn Profession (Worked in India as a practioner for 2 years). She wants to move forward.

    One of the professor in US university said that it would be eaiser for her to get in MD / DO because she has a BAMS degree and worked in India as a Physician. This is the strongest point and that makes her a potential candidate for MD/DO in US and med admission committee will take it positively.

    We have two kids one is 7 and other is 2. My wife is in her early 30s. I am supporting my wife to move ahead in carrer. I have seen people going to MD in their late 30s or 40s.

    I am encouraging my wife and let us hope she will achevie something in future, although it is a long journey.

    Please keep posted what other BAMS graduates are planning to do. BAMS graduates are minority in United States. So keep posted so that we can help each other

    Sugran and Abhuda
  17. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    Pre Med and MCAT is key to your Medicine

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  18. abhuda

    abhuda Registered Users (C)

    BAMS educational credential evaluation

    I have submitted my BAMS transcripts and degree along with grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12 transcripts to World education Services. We chose WES because the university of Georgia , Athens gave names of five credential evaluation companies from where we can evaluate the BAMS credential. We chose course - by-course evaluation since I wnat to go to college. WES evlaution is scheduled to be completed by 9/15/2006 . I will post the result as to what they evaluate.

    I guess that it should be considered equavalent to US B.S because it 4.5 years course work and a year of internship.

    abhuda and sugran
  19. jonrn

    jonrn Registered Users (C)


    err, going from BAMS to BSN nursing is moving FORWARD, not backward. my nursing degree eventhough i got it from abroad is credited here and i am allowed to take the US nursing exam

    frankly, BAMS degree holders have an ENTIRELY different mind-set compared to a MD or DO physician....i do not know how it would be an advantage. more like a disadvantage in my opinion

    anyways, goodluck with your wife's career
  20. great guru

    great guru Volunteer Moderator

    BAMS can do MS & Phd in Ayurvedic Medicine and practice in California

    BAMS do not get discouraged.

    Few universities offer MS & PhD in Oriental & Acupuncture, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines.

    California state gives licnese upon completion of courses and residency to practise only in CA.

    For all other state you have to check state licensing authority for licensing requirements and course required.

    For detailes course description check with this university.

    One of the institute offering MS & PhD in Ayurvedic medcine is American University of Complementary medicine. los Angeles. But it is individual responsibilty to check licensing requirements in each state before taking any complimentary medicine course.


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