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Need help: Derivative Asylee (principal revoked)

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by ghwang, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. ghwang

    ghwang New Member

    Hello, recently I just got into some pretty serious mess about my status in USA. Me and my mother was granted political asylum status in 2000, she is the principal and I am the derivative. We applied i485 and it's been on hold for 4-5 years now.

    The bad news is that my mom went back to her home country (she wasn't suppose to) and I just received a notice from the Los Angeles Asylum office to terminate her asylum status. And if hers is terminated, so does mine. Furthermore, our i485s would go down the drain.

    I could really care less about her status, but I have been living in the United States since I was 13 (we came here in 1997), and now I am 25. My whole life is in the United States, and it would be terrible for me to be deported.

    They are putting me into removal proceedings. What are my options so I can stay in the US? I don't have someone I want to marry so that's out of the question.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Lazerthegreat

    Lazerthegreat Registered Users (C)

    You need to consult a lawyer ASAP. There is no point in gaining advice from an online forum.
  3. thankful

    thankful Registered Users (C)

    Yes you do need competent legal representation. Let me just say that in general people in your situation have very limited options. You can submit an asylum application in your own name if you can articulate an independent basis of fearing persecution in your country of nationality. Is that China?

    Or you can ask your mom to fight the revocation of asylum in court.
  4. yahia08

    yahia08 Registered Users (C)

    I'm really sorry about your case,
    but did she go back to her COP with a RP or her country passport?
  5. God_is_Green

    God_is_Green Registered Users (C)

    that's a sad news.

    they revoked just because the asylee traveled back to COP? What are the other grounds for asylum revocation.
  6. assylum

    assylum Registered Users (C)

    I really feel your pain because I myself have been living here for 12 years and I know what your are going through.
  7. scully51

    scully51 Registered Users (C)


    I went through something very similar. My mom adjusted status through NACARA and terminated her asylum status, thus terminating mine (and my sisters'). At the time I had been in the US for 11 years. Like you I came to the US in my early teens (15) and couldn't see myself trying to begin a life in a country I no longer knew.


    In my case I went to every lawyer I could find and everyone kept telling me I didn't have any options, so thankful is correct in saying options are very limited. I'm not sure what city in the US you are, but if you are in Southern CA, I will be more than happy to share my lawyer's contact information. This man sought out every possible protection clause we could use to keep me here, all valid and available (i.e. Temporary Protected Status, et al), while we put my asylum case together.

    I worked hard to help my case, but that's because I wanted to move things along as quickly as possible. I found my own expert witness, country research, etc. after two years of processing, with one threat to deny my case I was granted Asylum.
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  8. jonny1

    jonny1 Registered Users (C)

    scully, ur's took long, i had simple arrest records so got transfered to lee summit from nebraska, took about 8 months, after that called for interview, a month later, mailed a GC, I sent the GC back for backdated GC and i got new GC.
  9. scully51

    scully51 Registered Users (C)


    I know my case took long, however, I'm just glad it's over and now looking forward to getting the ever so evasive GC.

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