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NBC Number

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by n4001, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. n4001

    n4001 Registered Users (C)

    Hi I have filled my n400 on 3/3 and today got I-797C notice of action. In the application number column it starts with NBC*000... is right one ?

    To check status, website says letter starting with (EAC, WAC, LIN, or SRC).

    My check is encashed also.

    Is this normal or will I get some other notice with receipt number.

    Appreciate reply.
  2. barry4me

    barry4me Registered Users (C)

    Yes, this is the correct receipt number.....

    When you go to the website just type in NBC* followed by the numbers.......

    Your case status should say Received and Pending.....

    The next letter you will get will be a Fingerprinting notice....

    Good luck....post your timeline in your signature too...
  3. MasterArcht

    MasterArcht Registered Users (C)

    case number not found?

    My case number also goes NBC*000... But when I type it in USCIS case status check, it says it cannot be found in the system. Is this normal? Has it happened to other people? This is the number on NOA, so I'm wondering if the Application No on FP Notice will work instead? Please advise.
  4. thanh

    thanh Registered Users (C)

    I have this issue too:


    It doesn't seem to be a serious problem as I did receive my finger print notice (and finally got fingerprinted last week).

    Come on interview letter!
  5. MasterArcht

    MasterArcht Registered Users (C)

    thanks for the reply. was the Application Number on FP notice the same number? did you find your application in the system once you received the fingerprinting notice?
  6. barry4me

    barry4me Registered Users (C)

    Even if you don't see a status for your case, don't worry. The online case status is barely updated. You will still receive your notices.

    I think there was someone on this forum who even after they received their Naturalization Certificate still said " Received and Pending" or something like that.....

    So, don't rely on the case status online. You can just call customer service and they could probably give you a better idea of your progress...

    The Case number will be the same on the fingerprinting notice as well...
  7. MasterArcht

    MasterArcht Registered Users (C)

    Barry, thanks for the info. It still strikes me as odd that my case number cannot be found in the system. will it be any better if I call the USCIS number? OR when I make an INFOPASS and go to the USCIS office sometime, I hope they will be able to find my case in their system..it's kinda worrying.

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