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Name correction

Discussion in 'Passports' started by ashokaprasanna, May 7, 2009.

  1. ashokaprasanna

    ashokaprasanna New Member

    My name and father name are to be corrected. And there is no surname in my Indian passport. My surname has one extra letter and my father name one letter is missing. How to correct this problem? ( in my application I have given surmane with extra letter at present I am not using same)

    For proof I have correct name represented in My PAN card and Voter ID card.
    But in educational cerificates it is only Initials. ( but father name spelt is same as in passport which I may Ignore). I am resident Bangalore. I wish to get Singapore Permanent residence certificate applying in India . So this sudden concern. To me the time is only major factor now.

    My query to you is:

    1. How get/ procedure/Optins new passport with corrected surname.
    2. What is the procedure for get father name spelt correctly.
    3. How long it will take.( better with break ups)
    4. The Option of getting name corrected in singapore both in singapore PR and my indian passport is good cost and ease.
    5. What will happens to my old passport.
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  2. velsudhir

    velsudhir New Member

    Part of First Name printed in Last Name field in the passport.

    Hello.... This is another related question...

    I have a question regarding my Father-in-Law's NAME in the passport.
    A part of his First name is printed in the Last name field separated by a comma.

    His Last Name: XYZ
    His First Name: ABCDEF

    But in the passport it is printed
    His Last Name printed as: XYZ, A
    His First Name printed as: BCDEF

    Is this a problem for US Visa? Does he have to correct his name before going to the visa interview? if he has to change, what is the process? Pls advise


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