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Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by Toxsci, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Toxsci

    Toxsci Registered Users (C)

    This is a list of FAQ with regard to name check.
    Good luck everyone,
  2. buzzhd

    buzzhd Registered Users (C)

    thanks for the great info.
    Actually I have tried everything the letter mentioning except the lawsuit and none of them have worked for me so far. I don't think I have a strong case if lawsuit is filed against USCIS, FBI etc, so maybe wait is a fu***** way to go :mad:
  3. Jeta

    Jeta Registered Users (C)

    your case is strong

    I think you have been stuck in name check over 3 years. Why you said your case was not strong?It's very strong. My NC is pending for 1.5 years, I just mailed my Writ of Mandamus petition to the court. Fight them, get the job done.
  4. maverick_2002

    maverick_2002 Registered Users (C)

    Q's-Name Check and 485 approval

    Hello All:

    Thanks for the very informative post Toxsci.
    I applied concurrently at the VSC on 06/05 (EB1-OR (India)). Both my wife and myself received and complied with the FP notices in 07/05. Results of the FP were noted and updated on the UCIS website on 08/05. My I-140 was approved on 02/06 (PD 06/05). My PD has been current since May 2006. There have been no further updates to our 485’s since the update regarding our FP’s being received which happened in 08/05.

    Right now the VSC is processing I-485’s with a receipt date of 05/22/05 and our receipt date is 06/08/05. The Q’s I have are,

    1. Does anyone think I could be stuck in name check, or am I just being impatient ?
    2. Do I need to wait till the VSC starts processing I-585’s on our RD to initiate a status enquiry?
    3. Are the I-485 statuse's updated as the application moves through the various stages or what I'm seeing is typical
    4. Would anyone who has been or is in a similar situation venture a guess as to when (time frame) we can really expect something to happen with the 485’s like an update, approval, etc.

    Thanks and will appreciate any feedback.

  5. irtev

    irtev Registered Users (C)

    sample lr for name check?

    Hi Toxsci,
    Congrots on your approval!
    Do you have a sample lr for writing to FBI for name check clearnce.
    Thank you,
  6. Toxsci

    Toxsci Registered Users (C)

    see attachment

    Pl see attached PDF file in this thread. I pretty much used the same format with minor modifications.
    Good luck,
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  7. buzzhd

    buzzhd Registered Users (C)

    you received FBI email about the NC. How come? I thought FBI stops responding email inquiry a long time ago?
  8. akayal1973

    akayal1973 Registered Users (C)


    I am in a similar situation as you are. See my details below. Don't know when my I-485 will be approved:-(
    I was fingerprinted back in August 2005.

  9. Toxsci

    Toxsci Registered Users (C)


    Yes I did. I think one of the several things worked for me!! Pl see my posting in this thread.
    Good luck,
  10. buzzhd

    buzzhd Registered Users (C)

    thank you so much.

    I did what I did and am still trying very hard to contact FBI, senator, congressman, USCIS local office and DHS, but as of now nothing seems to be working for me. I am not losing any hope, but having kind of mixed feeling. My life is so miserable :(
  11. irtev

    irtev Registered Users (C)

    Hi Toxsci, Thank you for your help

    Hi Toxcsi,
    I followed your tips to follow up with my name check. Today I received a lr from our senator that my name check has been cleared.
    Thank you for your postings,
  12. Toxsci

    Toxsci Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations on clearing this major hurdle..if your PD is current, follow it up with USCIS.
    Good luck!
  13. happyguagua

    happyguagua New Member

    Need your advice

    Hi Toxci,

    I am new to this forum, but first I want to say this is the greatest forum I have ever been. Thanks for everyone who provides so many valuable info. Toxci, I need your advice on how to clear my name check.

    I filed I-485/I-765/I-130/I-131 altogether on 07/05/2006. My RD for all cases is 07/09/06. I did finger print on 08/02/06. I was scheduled for interview 09/14/06. Actually I didn’t expect that soon, only after two months I filed application.

    We went for interview last week in San Francisco, everything went very well, GC was approved but pending with Name Check. I was told by officer my name check was submitted to FBI on 07/25/06. Now my question is:

    Since my interview was scheduled really soon, only in two months, should I give FBI some time to clear name check or I need to start sending all the emails to various party such as senator/congressman right away? I have downloaded your PDF on all the steps we can follow, and I am ready to take actions. So in my case, should I wait a little longer or should I start right away?

    Your help is very much appreciated! :)

  14. irtev

    irtev Registered Users (C)

    Mine and my family members' I485's approved

    Hi Toxsci,
    Mine and my family members' I485's approved. I need to thank you for the information you provided in the name check FAQ file. I followed the instructions provided in the document exactly and got my I485's approved.
    I also want to thank this forum for the excellent support.
    Thank you once again,

    I140 EB2 ND 10-21-2005 PD Sep 2004, AD Nov 2005
    I140 EB1 ND 10-19-2005 PD Sep 2004, AD Feb 2006(Inter Filing)
    I 485 ND 10-19-2005, RFE 05-24-2006
    NC intiated on 10-17-2005
    NC cleared on 09-21-2006(Senator office informed me)
    AD 10-27-2006
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  15. Toxsci

    Toxsci Registered Users (C)

    Hearty Congratulations and Welcome to the GC club!
  16. WaitingforAges

    WaitingforAges Registered Users (C)

    How long it took for you guys to get the FOIPA report from the FBI. Did you contacted the senetor or the congressman after receiving the FOIPA report or you guys did this in parallel.
  17. akayal1973

    akayal1973 Registered Users (C)

    I got my FOIPA report from FBI in about 10 days. I think I contacted the senator after getting the FOIPA report - shouldn't matter though.

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