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Missed Interview

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by marylene, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. marylene

    marylene New Member


    I was wondering if anyone knows what happens when you miss your interview? My husband opened the letter last month and told me my interview was scheduled on the 17th. I just double checked and found out it was in fact on the today. So I missed it. Is homeland security going to let me schedule another appointment? I am kind of freaking out right now and my immigration lawyer is in week-end and unreachable...If somebody can be of any help, please let know what happens in this case.
    thanks a lot
  2. Jane Green

    Jane Green Registered Users (C)


    In the case of “no show” for the interview your case is automatically closed and your petition for the Green Card is denied.
    INS won’t bother to reschedule your interview on their own.
    Make an appointment with your local INS office ASAP, explain what happened ( and you better have a good excuse because INS sends their interviews notices far in advance so people get ready and plan accordingly).
    Ask them to reopen your case and schedule you for another interview.

    P.S. and how come your lawyer didn’t remind you about your interview appointment either? Were you going to take him along to the interview? He should have known, it’s his job.

    Just don’t panic. Couple of years ago my EAD renewal application was denied for stupid reasons. All I had to do was to file another application and pay new fees (INS won’t refund your fees even after they denied the application) and I got a new card.
    Of course Green Card Interview is much more serious matter, but you are not at the end of the world yet.
    INS will let you reopen your case if you ask them. You might have to wait for another interview a little longer.
  3. marylene

    marylene New Member


    thank you so much for your answer. I just took an appointment threw their website for monday, will see how things go.
    I didnt know my lawyer was supposed to remind it to me. She actually sent me an email today saying that she'll come with us at the next interview. According to her it should not be such a big deal, she thinks it is just going to delay things a little. Hope she's right.
    I keep things posted here in case it can help anyone.
    Thanks again for you answer.
  4. Jane Green

    Jane Green Registered Users (C)

    OK, Marylene.
    Good luck to you!
    Keep us posted of your progress.

  5. kuta

    kuta New Member

    Dear Marylene,
    I got in the situation a little bit similar to yours. I have an emergency situation at home (my grandfather is not well) and my appointment is scheduled on Feb. 8 (Charlotte). I am afraid to miss an appointment and at the same time want to support my family at this moment.
    I hope to come back in time, but what if something will go wrong?
    Could you please keep me posted? I am sorry to ask a dam question, but how did you schedule the appointment on a web site?
    Thank you very much and good luck on Monday!
  6. ncgirl

    ncgirl Registered Users (C)

    I pray it all goes wellf or you..God is in control keep praying..

    Kuta can u please share ur timeline and experiences under Charlotte thread so we can follow up with you too..thanks
  7. amishah

    amishah Registered Users (C)

    If you think you won't be her on time of interview, you should let them know well ahead.

    JJBBKK Registered Users (C)

    can you share what you have found out ?? I know someone who had the same situation but they didnt get the interview appointmetn because it was sent to their old address while they changed the address by filling out the Form AR11 and have proof of that but the immigration officer didnt bother to change the address, therefore the interview was missed and that applicant went to the local office explaining the situation that they were waiting for like 4 years now and they told her what happened and now they are saying to her that they will reschedule an interview for her because they made a mistake, and they told her to come back at the end of this month if nothing happens in the meantime. These people over there are so irresponsible, i cant believe it !!!!! I will keep you posted on their situation

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