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Latest date update on NSC FOR I140 .....NO CHANGE FOR LAST 3 MONTHS.

Discussion in 'Nebraska Service Center I-140' started by r240968, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. r240968

    r240968 Registered Users (C)

    Any body has a clue why the January 28,03 for I140 not changing in the updates.

    I can see the progress in EAD & AP but nothing on I140.

    How reliable these dates are.

    Please throw some light.
  2. bhaskargara

    bhaskargara Registered Users (C)

    Since I-140 for Non Concurrent and CP option has stuck..until they do finish those dates completely...i think they don't update new date.....
  3. IPC302

    IPC302 Registered Users (C)

    bhaskargara is right ... my 140 EB3 NON CONCURRENT is pending since 14th FEB and couple of more guys wi EB3 either with non concurrent or CP with RD feb are still waiting .....

    Can't understand the logic behind this ... anyway i have filled my 485 this month, hopefully due to that my case might move up ...lets hope so ...

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