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Indian Police Clearance Certificate

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by dazed_confused, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. dazed_confused

    dazed_confused Registered Users (C)

    Dear Members,
    How does one go about getting indian police clearance certificate if i (indian citizen) am living in the US (H1-B)?
    Also, any idea how much time it takes to get the certificate?
    Replies will be much appreciated.
  2. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    Your parent/friend should go to nearest Police station in India they will guide you to go to CID office then fill up the form then wait 10-15 days, then again rounds of that particular office then bribe then certificate.
    Short CUT: just go to nearest Police station, catch a person who has contact with the police station Inspector. Just get a letter” this is to certify that XYX son/daughter of VVV , resident of has nothing adverse in our police records and he has a good character. Just polish the language get it typed and the Police Inspector will put a seal and date and sign (give him Chai Pani) if you inform it is for US/Canada then more chai pani
    Get the Police clearance certificate from any Indian consulate in US or from Indian embassy Washington DC (much easier)
  3. Tellu

    Tellu Registered Users (C)

    Better get the Police clearance certificate from any Indian consulate or from Indian embassy nearest to you in US, its much easier. Just go and pay the required fee and few weeks later it will arrive at your door step. Just it take some time to get the details.
  4. dazed_confused

    dazed_confused Registered Users (C)

    many thanks + 1 Q

    dear seniors,
    thanks for your replies. i did go on the indian consulate website and saw the required form (miscellaneous services) which i need to fill up to apply for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). I have one small (hopefully last!) question. it says to send the passport along with the filled up form. However, it seems that the form is common for getting other stuff like adding/deleting childs name from passport, etc for which passport would be definitely required. why would they require passport for PCC. So my question is that for those of you who got PCC thru indian consulate in US, did you have to send the passport too or did you just send the $11 fee and filled up form.
    many thanks in anticipation
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  5. vsshah

    vsshah Registered Users (C)

    You can personally visit Indian Embassy.

    Phase 1: Visit Indian embassy in USA, and apply, they will give you receipt, and give some time frame 8 weeks or so. Ask them their contact # regarding this.

    Phase 2: After 8 weeks of time duration, call Indian Embassy people and ask them, when should I come to Indian embassy to get 'PCC'. They will give you exact time date, visit them and get Police clearance certifcate. They will put some note in your passport also at that time.

    But, you have to visit Indian Embassy 2 times, if you want to keep your passport always with you then.

    MEOW_MEOW Registered Users (C)

    Called NY Indian Consulate!

    They said the fee is 20$ and we can apply through mail. We should send the original passport or attested copies of the passport + visa status. The processing time is 45 days!
  7. dazed_confused

    dazed_confused Registered Users (C)


    hi all,
    many thanks for your comprehensive replies and help. i shall follow your advice.
    thanks once again.
  8. deepak007

    deepak007 Registered Users (C)

    PCC from embassy

    The fee is $20 for PC. A friend of mine sent $15 additional for return of passport by Fedex. As his passport was issued by Embassy at Washington DC , he received back passport and PC within one week. His wifes passport was issued in India , it took 3-4 weeks. Suggest that its worth spending the extra $15 for Fedex.

    By th way, i saw that the PC says "whomsoever it concerns" and then mentions the data of issue of passport and that the embassy has no adverse data on the applicant.

    Is this the standard PC issued by embassy and is this accepted by Canada Immigration. Request response on this

  9. luissanchez13

    luissanchez13 Registered Users (C)

    Police Certificate from India?. Not needed.

    I am also living in US on H1-B and applied to canada. CIC never asked me to get police certificate from India.I am just getting the FBI clearance,thats it.

    My understanding is that they will verify from india.Please correct me if i am wrong.thanks

    MEOW_MEOW Registered Users (C)

    It is not Mandatory, when you apply ...

    You are correct! You don't have to submit it , when you apply. But, some applicants (like me) are asked to submit the Police certificate from their native countries, at a later stage. Again, this is not for all, only for few..
    I have submitted the FBI clearance in May 2002. CIC has asked me to submit the FBi certificate again. So, i have done my second finger printing (and sent the card with 18$ fee to FBI) last week.
    I have also applied for PCC through Indian Consulate, NY..
  11. india-usa

    india-usa Banned

    Re: Police Certificate from India?. Not needed.

    You may get REF in future. Better to get Police Clearence certificate from Indian Consulate.

    I am also living in US on H1-B and applied to canada. CIC never asked me to get police certificate from India.I am just getting the FBI clearance,thats it.

    My understanding is that they will verify from india.Please correct me if i am wrong.thanks
  12. ldmello

    ldmello Registered Users (C)

    For.. dazed_confused

    I have already landed in Canada.. and did not get any PCC from India. I went to the NY Consulate paid the required fee and had my PCC the same evening at 4.15 pm. That worked fine for the canadian authorities.

    Good Luck!
  13. love2002

    love2002 Registered Users (C)

    does anyone has the sample copy of the Police Clearance Certificate ? If so could you please post it, that will be great help !
    thank you.

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