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I797C - Notice of Action

Discussion in '485 issues in Texas Service Center' started by duv_sree, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. duv_sree

    duv_sree Registered Users (C)

    I recently received a I797C - Notice of Action. My case was transferred to USCIS-NBC , Lees summit, MO.

    Few questions:
    1. What does this mean ? Will I be scheduled for an interview ? What are the common reasons for interview ?
    2. I am a bay area , CA resident. Why has my case been transferred to Missouri ?
    3. I received a notice on Aug 5 , 08. When should I expect an interview call ?

    Is this cause for any concern or is it pretty routine. One thing which my lawyers told me was that since I got married and filed for my I485, it triggers an interview


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