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I received letter for STOKES interview!

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by shrympie, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. shrympie

    shrympie Registered Users (C)

    Hey, guys and gals, So my husband (USC) and I received a letter for the Stokes today:(. I truly felt like crying but I couldn't, because deep down I felt it was coming. In one section, it says:REASON FOR APPOINTMENT-I-130 APPLICATION FILED BY SPOUSE. And it says: NON-IMMIGRANT/STOKES UNIT, beneath the location address. The interview is in July, my husband keeps apologizing because he got one question wrong and he was nervous like hell, I don't blame him but he blames himself. I think we focused too much on getting the answers right that we probably came off like it was rehearsed. I have bad short term memory, so we had to go over alot of little details. the I O hardly asked me any thing though, I think thats why my husband got so nervous, because she basically questioned him the most. I the letter, They asked us to bring everything from the first interview plus 2 passport photos( 1 of each of us).
    The upside of it too me is that, if all goes well I will receive a 10 year green card instead of a 2 year because our second anniversary is in June.
  2. LovedOne

    LovedOne Registered Users (C)

    I'm sorry to hear that. I just got a letter addressed to my US citizen husband asking him to come back with the same stuff as we brought for the first interview. We are not sure if it is a stokes interview. We are preparing like it is. I'm sad and nervous, but my advice to you is for you and your husband to prepare, prepare, prepare. And look on the bright side, you will get a 10 year card, and not have to deal with USCIS for a while if you choose. Good luck.

    *one question* was the letter addressed to you and your husband, or just one of you?
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  3. godisgoodtome

    godisgoodtome Registered Users (C)

    Sorry to hear that. Don't worry too much, as long as your marriage is legit, YOU WILL BE FINE.

    Yes which district is that? I thought STOKES was like 1 in a thousand case.?

    Good luck.
  4. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. lonely1982

    lonely1982 Registered Users (C)

    goodluck dont worry too much just pray.
  6. shrympie

    shrympie Registered Users (C)

    Thank you guys so much for your support and responses, I will surely keep you all posted. We are praying that all will be good because our marriage is for real. We just have too really prepare our selves. Thanks again. Good luck to you too Lovedone. The letter was addressed to me, but it says both sponsor and beneficiary must be present, of course
  7. JohnnyCash

    JohnnyCash Volunteer Moderator

    You said that deep down you were expecting this stroke interview letter to be coming anyway then I wonder why you thought such like this? Why do you think, in your personal view, for USCIS to decide to have a stroke interview? Was interviewing officer African-American? If so, then her last name was-Mimmis?
  8. shrympie

    shrympie Registered Users (C)

    No, she was white, last name Volfson. Just her vibe and I had read a post from another member: fionna49
    , Thats exactly how mine ended with that same phrase in my passport. The other members with A O S Pending had I-485 pending for further review, but we just had" I-485 pending" and my husband got one answer wrong which was "what is your wife country of citizenship" and he said my country of birth instead, which she asked him twice after the fact , before he correcred himself. I know it was an honest mistake on his part but he is beating himself up about it.
  9. JackDan

    JackDan Registered Users (C)

    this is untrue and in fact can hurt this post's author if he/she simply assumes that (oh, well we are a real marriage everything will be fine!).

    Stokes interviews are intend to deny a case, whether marriage is legimit or not, there are additional conditions that USCIS doesnt like.

    For example, you may be a perfect legitimit couple, but the beneficiary has a heavy criminal history as a drug dealer in his home country -- so the goal of the uscis here is cross question you so much to find something good enough to deny you. Even if on the marriage point of you, are are legitimit.

    Example: so the couple goes on the stokes, follow up, fraud interview (whethever you call it they call it different way in different states, some just second interview), and the question is: how many windows do you have in your bedroom?. you say: one. your spouse says: four. while your spuse was counting four windows inside one large frame, a husband just counted one large window did not divide it into small windows within a frame. USCIS wont give you a chance to correct or explain, they just deny (you can appeal, but if you want to have beneficiary waiting 1 years at least for a court date without ability to work legally, its up to you).

    Second interviews are assumed to be deeply understood by both parties - the uscis and marriage couple. this is not a place to show you are a great couple, because I just tested out my friends marriage with 35 years of marriage under common roof. he failed on knowing her drug percription, on the last dinner out they both failed giving different answers. Married 35 years, in USCIS point of view - there will be married for green card purposes no matter how stupid it may sound. Sorry.

    USCIS is nice enough to give you out like 2 months to prepare for stokes interview. It is a life exam that requries you to know way more than just a life itself -- in other words: requires you both to have the same answers to everything, even if you both are true and correct, but give slightly different answers, it may not be what the uscis is looking for answers-wide (see part about windows).
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  10. JackDan

    JackDan Registered Users (C)

    shrimpie, good luck to you!! my stokes comes up in the middle of July :)
    wish you the best and dont think when people tells you oh dont worry if you are legitimit couple you will be fine. assume - you wont! we will be connecting with spouses and the uscis officer on the verbal level - there may be some misunderstanding like with your country of birth question, please be prepared and let me know how it went through if yours is before 20th of July.
  11. fedup2k6

    fedup2k6 Registered Users (C)

    I feel for you,but there is nothing to rehearse.You should and will not be denied,the stokes interview is to further determine the validity of your marriage, relationship.I believe that as stressfull as it is.You will get your card after interview.Think of why they may deny you,then realize that the evidence of your marriage relationship far outweights any erroneous claims brought by USCIS.Hang in there.
  12. shrympie

    shrympie Registered Users (C)

    Thanks DanielFL, We are still preparing, and goodluck to you, let me know how it goes. Mine is July 22
  13. shrympie

    shrympie Registered Users (C)

    Thanks fedup2k6, I will surely let you guys know how everything goes.
  14. ilovethe80s

    ilovethe80s Registered Users (C)

    Good luck and all the best to you and your husband.
  15. kittenKat

    kittenKat Registered Users (C)

    Good luck at the interview! Just prepare a lot, don't get too nervous, and you'll rock!!
  16. shrympie

    shrympie Registered Users (C)

    Thanks alot guys
  17. cinnamoroll

    cinnamoroll Registered Users (C)

    Received today letter for second interview for next week, july 16.
  18. kittenKat

    kittenKat Registered Users (C)

    In just a week (I guess they are changing the policy, used to be month or so in advance)??! Good luck!!
  19. shrympie

    shrympie Registered Users (C)

    wow! that is so soon, really short notice, Goodluck, God bless you.
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  20. astra1234

    astra1234 Registered Users (C)

    Good luck Cinnamoroll ! Let us know how it went. I have a feeling we are the next ones for an interview...

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