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I 485 Interview

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by ehsan7, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. ehsan7

    ehsan7 Registered Users (C)

    My wife filed petition I 130 for me back in 2006 and we were interviewed in early 2007. Our application was pending for longest time due to Name check and then I 130 and I 485 applications were denied because on suspicion of Sham marriage. Wife filed appeal with BIA which turned in our favor

    Recently USCIS local office sent me a letter for an I 485 interview and asked me to show up there with documentation. I am out for work for past couple of years because I don't have work permit and I am not able afford an attorney.

    Any body was in the same situation and was called for I 485 after I 130 interview.
    Do I need to take my wife as I don't want to do more than what they want?
  2. sarwarmd

    sarwarmd Registered Users (C)

    Yes, since it is your marriage based I-485 it is better to take your wife with you. Since it is your marriage based I-485, I do not think that you need to worry about your employment. You can wait for some experts comments on this thread.
  3. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    You won the BIA appeal, so they would have reinstated your I-485, making you eligible for employment authorization again. Did USCIS deny your applications for employment authorization, or did you just (wrongly) assume you were not eligible?

    Bring your wife to the interview, and also bring evidence of still living together (bank statements, lease, etc.).
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