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how to return greencard

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by ingo, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. ingo

    ingo New Member

    I have left the US and would like to give up my greencard. How do I do this from abroad?
    I still need to travel to the US so I would like to have some sort of "receipt" that I handed in my greencard to avoid trouble when entering the US on a visa waiver. Thanks
  2. Participant

    Participant Registered Users (C)

    One of my elderly relative had returned GC to consulate,way back some time ago.
    There was not even an acknowledgement.Nothing more.
    (Not asked specifically for a reciept,Just sent).
  3. AmericanWannabe

    AmericanWannabe Registered Users (C)

    Consulate security guards may not accept handing in green
    card as a good reason to let you go in.
  4. AmericanWannabe

    AmericanWannabe Registered Users (C)

    They will probably just say:"mail your green card
    to us" or "just cut in in half". Because almost no one
    bother to return a GC, so consulate may not have resources
    to do it when suddfenly someone want to return thr card
  5. Participant

    Participant Registered Users (C)

    Better contact your consualte, as abandonment and proof of
    surrender may be required if you apply again for a non-immigrant
    visa.There may be quetsions on this by Visa officer and answered to his satsifaction.

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