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how many percent of winning an interview if a f1 holder is using food stamp

Discussion in 'F Visa Issues at the Consulates' started by caiban1234, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. caiban1234

    caiban1234 Registered Users (C)

    I am asking this question for my friend

    She is a f1 student came to US to learn English. She is studying at one English school in Boston, MA. Last year, she has a baby with one guy (he is H1b visa) but they are not married yet. The guy then left the girl and went back to his country. She still stays here. She applied and got food stamp and WIC (program that helps woman with infant) to help her and the infant living.
    Now she (and her son) wants to have a vacation to her country for a month.

    The problem is if she goes to her country and then come back to US, she need to get visa interview for her only (her son is US citizen). Do you think she can get over the interview?

    My idea is because she is using food stamp and WIC (financial aid from government), so US government will not like her to get back to US. Is it correct?
  2. easteuropean

    easteuropean Registered Users (C)

    She could, the biggest obstacles to overcome would be:
    1. Does she have funds to study in the U.S. - i.e. if the school is not covering all the tuition and expenses, can she show where the remaining money will come from?
    2. Does she have sufficient family ties with her home country?

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