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How long will it takes to receive interview date after biometrics?

Discussion in 'National Benefits Center' started by dizziey, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. dizziey

    dizziey Registered Users (C)

    Hi! Does anyone here have any idea how long it usually takes to get an interview appointment after doing the biometrics? Thanks!
  2. someitguy

    someitguy Registered Users (C)

    When I called USCIS to ask that question, they told me that not everyone gets an interview, and to sit tight. I guess it depends on the documents/forms you submit, and if they want to see you or not.

    She basically told me it was a 50-50 chance if you get called for one or not.
  3. ip_everywhere

    ip_everywhere Registered Users (C)

    Well I GUESS it could be only true for spouses , who entered in USA on K visa. People who adjust their status from any work or student visa have to go through the mandatory interview process.
    Anybody can comment on it ????
  4. sultan100

    sultan100 Registered Users (C)

    Even if it does say that in the 'book', the general experience has been that anyone who files for the AOS based on marriage gets called for the interview.

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