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How long it take after I130 upgrade to approve

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by N400_newbie, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. N400_newbie

    N400_newbie Registered Users (C)

    I become a USC on 12/8/2008 and upgraded my wife petition I 130 on 12/8/2009 , send a copy of my natralization certificate on 12/9/2008 later found out that my appliaction is upgraded on 12/18/2008. My original I130 petition NOA date is 2/7/2006.

    My qustion is how long it take after upgrade? did they consider my application for immediate approval or will it take 6 months before approval?

    What is the benifit of filing K3 along with Immediate Relative application for immigration i.e Green Card?

    Any others users in the same situation..... :confused:
  2. Sonny123

    Sonny123 Registered Users (C)

    I applied for my wife and Minor Daughter during March 2008 while i was on Green Card. I upgraded my I 130 application during OCT 2008 after i became US citizen.

    It got approved on JAN 13, 2008. Hope this helps. Now i am filing the next step to NVC.. Then once its approved at NVC,, it goes to US consulate in Mumbai, India.. We need to be patient enough. Everything will be smooth.

  3. saki007

    saki007 Registered Users (C)

    how would you know if the petiton has been upgraded? does uscis send you a letter? i applied for my wife back in sep 06 and did upgrader her petiton once i became a u.s citizen in aug 08, eversince i havent' heard any thing from uscis.
  4. Sonny123

    Sonny123 Registered Users (C)

    Yes you will get a letter from USCIS indicating the petition has been upgraded and congratulating you on becoming US citizen. Normally this letter comes within 2 weeks or 3 weeks after upgrading the application.

  5. bestpal

    bestpal Registered Users (C)

    Please don't keep hijacking a thread....you alrady started a thread.
  6. dorianpd

    dorianpd Registered Users (C)

    I have a question to SONNY123. I was wondering if you had to send any other papers to upgrade your I-130, or if you had to called?. I ask this because i became a USC on 12/08. I have already called them to upgrade the form. I got and email from USCIS saying that it was upgraded. Just need peace of mind that i don't have to anything else before i get the approval.
  7. Sonny123

    Sonny123 Registered Users (C)

    I have used my Attorney services for I 130. I faxed them copy of my Naturalization certificate. They in turn sent a letter to USCIS with a cover letter quoting my application number ( EAC number etc) and copy of my Naturalization certificate towards the proof that i am a US citizen.

    Based on that you get a receipt or acknowledgement from USCIS that your I 130 application for spouse/daughter is upgraded. Hope this information helps.

  8. pdak

    pdak Registered Users (C)

    i-130 upgrade procedure

    I am preparing to upgrade i-130 for my wife after I become a USC.
    What is the process?

    Do I call the uscis 1-800 number to upgrade?
    Send a letter with naturalization certificate to USCIS in vermont? which uscis address should i send the upgrade letter to?
    Fax to some uscis number?

    Thanks -
  9. N400_newbie

    N400_newbie Registered Users (C)

    Call USCIS the moment you got your Natz Certificate
    Send copy of Natz certificate along with copy of NOA
    Also fax them at 949-389-3482 if it is trasferred to CSC
    Good Luck
  10. dorianpd

    dorianpd Registered Users (C)

    PDAK. I upgraded form I-130 by calling the uscis customer service number. 1800-375-5283. They emailed me certification that case was ammended to reflect new status. I just 5 days ago, got another email that said that my case meets the criteria for special handling. I did not send them any copy of naturalization.. I am waiting to receive approval. Would they have a way to prove that i am a USC without sending them a copy of my naturalization certificate??
  11. pdak

    pdak Registered Users (C)

    Thanks dorianpd. Since it is all computerized, they might be able to retrieve your current citizen status.
  12. 160days_waiting

    160days_waiting Registered Users (C)

    I-130 upgraded

    After i got my usc cerificate (march-17-2009) i called uscis and asked them to upgrade my i-130 for my wife (i-130 was filed when i was a green card holder - apr-13-2006). Today apr-1-2009 i recieved a letter from uscis saying that :........................

    We have updated your i-130 that you are now usc. As a result, your petition is now in a new visa category as the immediate relative of a usc and is in active processing. ........................

    I called them today agian and asked an io that if i need to send my usc certificate to them the io told me that i don't need to do anything now and i will be asked to send it when my i-130 got transfered to nvc . The io told me that all the time that my i-130 been pending before means nothing and now my priority date is the date that my-130 got updated (march-21-2009) and the processing time for i-130 in vermont center is 6 months.

    I don't know what i should do now. Waitng ? Sending my usc certificate to uscis ? Or ............??? Any advice ? Please help

    thank you

    n-400 filed : March - 2007
    1st pf : Apr - 2007
    2nd pf : July - 2008
    id : Sep - 03 - 2008
    wating for 7 months after id to get ol -
    became usc : March- 17 2009
    i-130 got updated : March - 21 - 2009

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