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How long doest it take to receive Green Card after arrival as an Immigrant?

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by jonydhaka, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. jonydhaka

    jonydhaka Registered Users (C)

    How long doest it take to receive Green Card after arrival as an Immigrant?
  2. NuvF

    NuvF Member

    A month.
    typically 3-6 weeks.
    You can get your social sec. number/card too within that time, but need to apply for it only after about 10 days in US.
  3. joequi

    joequi Registered Users (C)

    Oh yes, NuvF is correct. It is withing the range. Good luck
  4. bentlebee

    bentlebee Registered Users (C)

    My friend got hers in 12 days and after she went to the SSN office she received her new SSN card within a few days...so far I have not heard of any one who just got the SSN card in the mail although the crossed the box on the paper...

    Perhaps some one can write on this forum if they recieved the SSN without going to the office or without having sent certified copies or originals...
  5. NuvF

    NuvF Member

    I think what the OP meant was time it take for a new arrival after CP
    it is bit different from receiving the GC after AoS
  6. AmericaBound

    AmericaBound Registered Users (C)

    I did CP also...it took 5 weeks to receive the Green card after I handed in package at Port of Entry...hope that helps
  7. gasper2000

    gasper2000 Registered Users (C)

    Mine came exactly 3weeks
  8. heyMike

    heyMike Registered Users (C)

    3 weeks for mine (CP)
  9. jonydhaka

    jonydhaka Registered Users (C)

    Hello everyone. thanks for all the replies. My POE was Honolulu on 7th of April. I was sent the Welcome Notice issued on 16th of April 2010. 16th of April 2010, the USCIS status said "Document Production" which says Green card will be sent within 30 days. Then on 30th of April 2010, the Status says "Post-Decision Activity" in which it says "On April 30, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this OS155A IMMIGRANT VISA AND ALIEN REGISTRATION. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283."

    So, i am totally confused--

    My understanding was--Welcome Letter and then i get the Green Card......but now i am totally lost

    Can someone share their experience with these three steps and let me know what each of these three steps means in simpl english!

    Step-1: Welcome Notice
    Step-2: Document Production which says Green Card will be mailed in 30 days
    Step-3: On April 30, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this OS155A IMMIGRANT VISA AND ALIEN REGISTRATION. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

  10. samuel5028

    samuel5028 Banned

    It varies from person to person so we cannot predict. One of my friend got with 3 weeks.
  11. Ginette

    Ginette Registered Users (C)

    I entered on 5th of april, got my welcome letter on 13 of april and got my green card on 23 of april :)
  12. samuel5028

    samuel5028 Banned

    How you got so soon? It is hard to believe.....I think you are so lucky........
  13. ramona84

    ramona84 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a question for you and if you can give me hint that would be great.
    I've just recently got my visa. I live and work in Canada, so I wanna know how long I should stay in the states to complete my DV process? can I just go to the border and show my visa and the sealed package to them and return to Canada. Will my welcome letter and other stuff be posted to the address I've provided them in the States?
    Anybody has a same experience?

    Thanks guys,
  14. dadadada72

    dadadada72 Registered Users (C)

    My wife interview is scheduled on September 1st. And she is 38 weeks pregnant.
    On August 31th at 1.00 PM she started feeling some unusual pain. We started praying, asking God not to allow her giving birth before our interview. We know that if the baby is born after the interview she ll be processed at the port of entry only by showing to the border agent her birth certificate, but if the baby is born after the interview, thing may get worse: we ll have to do the baby`s medicals (215 dollars) + visa fees (819 dollars) + establishing the official birth certificate which takes at least 4 weeks in Montreal (express procedure is not available in Quebec) + applying for her Canadian passport. The 2011 DV program ends up on sept 30 2011. We are running out of time, and then it won’t be possible to fulfill those requirements within 4 weeks. Consequently we ll loose our immigration visa for good (bad luck).
    The pain reached its climax at 4 .00 PM and my wife cannot bear it anymore, her water broke and we end-up at the hospital around 5.00 PM where she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl at 10.00 PM. Can you believe that!
    Soon after the birth we inform the doctor that we have a serious issue with our DV interview that will be held in few hours the next day at 8.00 AM, we explain the entire event and how it was important for us to get that visa. The doctor tried to persuade us not to attend the interview because my wife is too tired and her vaginal wounds have to be healed first. Finally after a 20 min meeting the doctors considered the whole situation including its impact in our future so they decide to give to my wife a certificate of temporary absence form the hospital for the next day valid from 6.00 AM to 10 .00 AM but without the baby (has to stay in the hospital). We thanked God!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I ran home picked-up the documents, my wife clothes and mine, and head back to the hospital around 1.00 AM. The night was really too short, lot of things going inside my head…………………………………..

    We arrived at the consulate around 6:40AM. We were the first in line with a few others arriving after 7AM. The doors opened at 7:30AM promptly and we were the first to enter. After going through security, we waited downstairs and sat in the chairs next to the elevator. We were sent up in the elevator to the 19th floor around 8AM. As we were the first off the elevator, received C1 and was told to have a seat. We were called up to the first window within a few minutes of being seated

    We were called at the first window 30 min later, the lady proceed and took our fingerprints and medical results (not the x-ray or vaccination documentation) and passport. The agent found that my wife wore the hospital bracelet and then ask:
    The Agent: why are you wearing the hospital bracelet?
    My wife: I am just coming from the hospital because I gave birth few hours ago. I ask for a temporary absence from hospital but the doctors at first were skeptical but they finally understood my worries and decided to let me attend the interview without the baby
    The Agent: are you serious? she called the CO to hear my wife story………………………..the CO was impressed by my wife courage and determination to get the visa. Because my wife was in pain. The agent asked for all our documents and the CO decided to interview my wife immediately after the documents checking.
    The interview
    CO: I can`t believes you came here few hours after giving birth!
    My wife: answer……….
    CO: baby gender?
    My wife: baby girl and I gave her name
    CO:…………….still amazed by my wife courage……………………..
    My wife:……………………still in pain…………………………….
    CO: pleased my wife to have a seat
    My wife: thanks
    CO: asked my wife to raise her right hand and swear to tell the truth ------------------then took fingerprint-----------
    My wife: did
    CO: recheck my wife diplomas and school transcript. Were you on F1 status in the pass?
    My wife:ans………….
    CO: where do you live ?
    My wife:ans……………
    CO: what are you doing for living?
    My wife:ans----------
    CO:do you have relative in US?
    My wife:ans---------------
    CO: what are you going to do in US?
    My wife:ans--------------------------
    CO: started typing………………….afterward she asked me to raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth ………….
    Me: did----------------
    CO: confirmed my profession
    Me: correct
    CO: in which us state are you going to live?

    CO: what are you going to do in US?
    CO: ok --------and started typing--------------then asked both of us to sign the DS230 form, she added that the newborn will be processed at the port of entry. She pulled out the letter "Welcome to the United States” and said we were approved and wished us good luck.

    It was a fabulous day!

    Wish you all a good luck and thank you all(ammeck 09 , kunato,my2011,kennyeast,sista-mai,mamaizo Popescandy1,yaso,and all others,) once again for sharing the information here.
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  15. Nalin

    Nalin Registered Users (C)

    Why do we need to stay 10 days to apply for SSN?
  16. Nalin

    Nalin Registered Users (C)

    First ever visa experience of that kind
    Congrats Dadadada !
  17. josephodibo

    josephodibo Registered Users (C)

    hello! please somebody help me, can i get my green card within one month of reaching the states?because i got 2 months visa and i need to write my final exam by MAY 5th i will be leaving for the state next week Tuesday.
  18. gideon1on1

    gideon1on1 Registered Users (C)

    Your question was answered on another thread..

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