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How long does it take to process H4?

Discussion in 'Consular Processing Issues-NON Immigrant Visas (B,' started by MrSkyMour, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. MrSkyMour

    MrSkyMour Registered Users (C)

    So My wife has an interview scheduled next week with the consular in Egypt to issue her a H4 visa, how long does it take to get her visa approved and stamped?

    They say it takes 5 days for the process, but I wonder, Is there a security clearence they have to issue agianst my wife (which takes 1 to 2 months) ?

  2. HBK

    HBK Registered Users (C)

    It will not take more a week time & I don't think security clearence will be required for H4.
  3. MrSkyMour

    MrSkyMour Registered Users (C)

    It took 1 day. ;)
  4. faiz_newyork26

    faiz_newyork26 Registered Users (C)

    H4 Rejections / Pending cases

    Hello There,
    Wanted to see if anyone come across the same situtions like this ...
    My wife approached Delhi counslate for her H4 stamping, Counsulate did not ask any questions. Have seen my passport copies and her passport copies and just gave her a yellow sheet which contained section 221g usually with this form they ask for addtional documents. But for her he just mentioned that consular office needs additional processing time , as they done they will call you.

    Then they called her next day asked to come give Finger prints.

    She gave finger prints on Mar 14 05 , they informed again office will contact. they did not mentioned anytime.

    Iam just curious what are they checking for she has never travelled out side INDIA before, What are the chances of calling her again or they just trying to delay the process till my H1 will be finished my visa valid only till august.

    Your kind suggestions will be highly appreciated..

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