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How long does it take to obtain the visitor's Visa to Canada?

Discussion in 'Temporary Visas for Canada' started by prag111, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. prag111

    prag111 Registered Users (C)

    How long does it take to obtain the visitor's Visa to Canada?
    I have applied the visa through mail(post) approximately 3 weeks back..
    I have sent it using USPS Express mail with a pre-paid postage paid envelop inside to get the passport back.

    How can I check the status of the application? I have lot of e-mals with my last name , date of Birth and Passport number in the subject , but they never replied to any of those.

    PLS HELP....
  2. prag111

    prag111 Registered Users (C)

    can anyone help me pls?
  3. mkb786

    mkb786 New Member

    How long does it take to obtain the visitor's Visa to Canada? Reply to Thread

    iam in the same boat,
    please let us know if you get your visa.

  4. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    It takes 10 business days for straight forward cases.
  5. prag111

    prag111 Registered Users (C)

    I just got my Canadian Visitor's visa by Mail.I got my passport back with the Visa

    Hi ,
    I just got my Canadian Visitor's visa by Mail. I got my passport back with the Visa pasted on one of the pages on Passport. I got the Visa for 1 year.
    It took ~10 business days to get the Visa from Buffalo.

    I had sent my application with stampage paid US Express mail envelop and they have returned the passport in that.

    Thanks for all your advises....

    Now I am waiting to go to Canada for my H1B/I-94 Revalidation .My appointment is on 7th Feb.

    Pls share your thoughts and experiences on getting the stamping from Canada for an Indian.

  6. mkb786

    mkb786 New Member

    visa at canada

    for h1b they usually don't ask any questions, if your papers are good, like recent paychecks, employer letter,i-797, passport, and previous h1b, or any other legal status proof, recent bank statement, and rencent w2(if required).
    and to be safe side (not required) i recommend to take the company photo id, few work place photographs, and your utility bills for address proof.
  7. prag111

    prag111 Registered Users (C)

    Hi mkb786
    Thanks for the input, did u get your Visitor visa to canada?
  8. krishpandu

    krishpandu Registered Users (C)

    We stay in NJ and sent the passports to NY canadian consulate last week. Beginning of this week, we got a call from consulate asking us to fax mine and my wife's recent paystubs without which they cant provide the visa.
    Sent them and now we wait.
  9. krishpandu

    krishpandu Registered Users (C)

    sent to Canada consulate -- April 10, 2007
    Call received from consulate to fax our payslips -- April 18, 2007
    Visa Stamped passports for 6 months -- April 21, 2007

    We stay in NJ and sent to NY consulate
  10. nick_west

    nick_west New Member

    Hi guys,

    I would like to apply for getting a visitor visa to canada. I am currently in the USA and I'm student, so because of some of my friends are studying canada, I want to visit them then come back to the USA and continue my study. Anyway, I need to know how long time does it take to obtain the visa and for how long it's going to be?
    please help me if you know.

    Your response is highly appreciated and thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Best regards,
  11. Rahulhere

    Rahulhere New Member

    I applied online for the visitor visa with multiple entry on 11/26/2013. Got the passport request message in my CIC account on 12/09/2013. I sent my passport with the copy of the request, a prepaid return envelope (priority mail) and a cover letter to the consulate on 12/10/2013 by priority mail. They received it on 12/12/13. They sent the passport back to me in the priority mail on 12/17/2013 and I received it on 12/19/2013.


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