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How long between approval notice and green card

Discussion in 'The Physical Green Card' started by blessingsluck, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. blessingsluck

    blessingsluck Registered Users (C)

    I received my approval notice today .Does anyone know what the sequence of events has been recently : E mail notification of approval and welcome notice mailed followed by the notice itself in the mail followed by ???

    Does the website message change to card ordered or card sent or does the green card get sent directly after the notice ?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. kp14

    kp14 Registered Users (C)

    Same question for me - Consular Processing

    I got my immigrant visa stamped on the 5th of June via CP ( EB3) and returned to the US on the 9th of June ( JFK Port of Entry). Today when I looked at my mail I found two letters from USCIS saying Welcome and gave me a number starting with letter A.....

    Is this the welcome letter??

    Also how long will it take to get the cards??

  3. MK2003

    MK2003 Registered Users (C)

    usually 5-7 business days from the Card Ordered email

    Hi blessingsluck :

    In my case, Firstly the emails and then actual approval notice by usps;
    After that, the Online message changed to Card Ordered and then finally Card Arrival;

    Also, this is the pattern I noticed on this forum excpet few cases so far from the June Approvals;

    Hope this helps.

    You will get yours soon, take it easy and good luck


    PD 01/03
    RD 07/03
    AD 07/19/07
    Welcome Notice Email - 06/19/07
    Approval Notice Email - 06/19/07
    Card Ordered Email - 06/19/07
    Card Mailed Email - 06/22/07
    Got Approval Notice through USPS - 06/22/07
    Got the Card - 06/25/07
  4. blessingsluck

    blessingsluck Registered Users (C)

    Hi MK,
    Thanks for your message- what center was your case at ? I am so afraid that my mail went back to the uscis because of a mail forward thing I had in effect starting today-and my postman told me that he had indeed sent back one of my mails which was from immigration...but I dont know if that was the approval notice or the actual GC. I had recd. e mail notifications on 6/19 and 6/22...but no actual notices in mail yet...

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