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HELP - Missed Biometrics Appointment

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by henri97, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. henri97

    henri97 Registered Users (C)

    Hi Guys,

    questions are in CAPS in the middle

    I would like to know if anybody had this problem. USCIS sent me an appointment for biometrics, dated on the letter 10-06-05 (I got email alert sent on 10/13/05 from USCIS); the appointment date on the letter was on 10-22-05. Reason for not getting letter on time. I am out of the country and my roommate was out of town for a couple weeks too. I am in Canada for a (school) semester, participaing on an exchange program sponsored by my university in California. I was thinking about sending a request for another apointment after I come back - at the end of December. I never seen an appointment so close to the date they sent the letter. I always had a couple months more or less - example my fingerprinting appointment last year. I have a couple questions:


    Please, I need some constructive comments from you guys to help me to keep calm because I am panicking "a bit" to tell the truth. Dealing with immigration sometimes reminds too much oppression I suffered in my own country (it all might be in my head only (?) - I know) and I freak out a bit. So please really be gentle - it may sound funny or just plain ridiculous but try to be nice anyway. I say this because in the past I read some advices/comments that were not so constructive.
  2. rammyrammy

    rammyrammy Registered Users (C)

    That should be OK. Usually the appoint ment letter will give you 3 months time. So if you miss the date you can go on any wednesday and get the Biometrics Done. In my case I was out of the Country. Missed the first Biometrics Notice. They sent a Second one with a Different Date on it.
    On coming back into the Country I went to the INS Center, told them that I missed the appointment. They asked me to wait till the end of the day, They will do mine. I waited till 3:30 and got it done.

    So there is no need to Panic.. or go Crazy... Be cool. Read your Notice.
    By the way what is this Biometrics for (After 485 Approval?)
  3. afila

    afila Registered Users (C)

    Don't worry. I missed my BIO as well. I just went to the INS office and explained my situation. The INS guy was really nice and they took my BIO the same day. My INS website was updated the next day, just go there and explain.
  4. henri97

    henri97 Registered Users (C)

    thanks guys

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