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Getting an USCIS customer service representative on phone

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by Proxyon, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Proxyon

    Proxyon Registered Users (C)


    do you know how can I reach the USCIS customer service representative ? It is so weird, their automated line gives me hundreds of options, but it NEVER gives me an option to dial a number to speak with a representative. The number is 1-800-375-5283. Has somebody recently passed the nightmare tunnel of their customer representative help ?

  2. Grashoppr

    Grashoppr Registered Users (C)

    Yes, if you navigate through all the "press 1 for this" menus, you will get a real human eventually. You might not get any real answers though.

    I called after I received my biometrics letter, to find out if I could do early biometrics in my local support center (Atlanta). I'd read conflicting information online, so I called to find out.

    The lady was very nice, but read scripted answers, and I never really got an answer to my question.

    In the end, I was in the vicinity of the support center a week and a half ago, I knew I'd be in the area, so I brought my paperwork and was able to walk in and get my biometrics done in about 15 minutes.

    Oddly enough, a few days later, I received a call as a follow up to my inquiry with the department, sort of a customer service survey - and they asked me how I rated the help I received on a bunch of different factors. I let them know I was frustrated by the endless menus, but was satisfied with the person I spoke with insofar as her customer service skills but was unsatisfied that I did not get the information I was seeking.


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