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FoxPro and C# Programmer Looking For SponsorShip

Discussion in 'Post Your Resumes' started by jmcamargos, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. jmcamargos

    jmcamargos New Member

    Brazilian, 36 years, married, analyst of systems and programmer,
    13 years of experience, languages to clipper and visual fox pro.

    I am looking for sponsorship in any place of USA or Canadá. I have attached my resume, and I can be contacted by email at jmcamargos@hotmail.com.
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  2. kalpesh2804

    kalpesh2804 New Member

    VisualFoxPro Remote / Freelancer Job


    I have 7+ years of experience in Visual Foxro 9, C#, MySQL, MSSQL.

    my email : kalpesh2804 at yahoo dot com

    skype : kalpesh2804
  3. Sulvan

    Sulvan New Member

    Visual Foxpro Developer & MS SQL Server

    Dear All,

    I have 16 years experience of software development and application support in Visual Foxpro (v2.6 to v9.0) and MS SQL Server (2005/2008).

    Please email me to sulvan888@yahoo.com if you need to see my resume.

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