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Follow to join and Nikah over the Phone

Discussion in 'Pakistan - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Movin' started by visapak, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. visapak

    visapak New Member

    case background

    I had the H1-B valid till 2012 and already applied for the AOS I-485 plus the Advance payroll. As my friend told me that if your application got accepted your wont able to sponsor your wife on H4-B, so better for a backup do the Nikah over the Phone. So I convince my In-Law and they got agreed for it.
    In the meanwhile I was waiting for my AP paper to travel to Pakistan and attend the marriage ceremony and immediately apply for my wife H4-B visa.

    But same thing happen which I was afraid of and they accept my application and send me the Green card. Now in the middle of way my ticket is almost book. I did research and find out that I can only adopt the fastest way is the follow to join. I need some clarification suggestion and comments i.e.

    1. What is the processing time for follow to join?
    2. What are the question does the visa officer in Islamabad ask from my wife to verify the marriage over the Phone or what proof do I need to provide?
    3. What will be the success ratio in that case? As I don’t want to take the risk to get rejection. OR what are the steps should I need to take to minimize the rejection side?

    Please advice if someone goes through the same situation as I just got stuck in the middle of way.

  2. visapak

    visapak New Member

    anyone go through for the same experience. Please comments/suggest on it.

  3. Topeka6000

    Topeka6000 Registered Users (C)

    If I recall with a GC, it will take seven years to sponsor your wife. Your best bet was with the H1B. President Obama has plans make it easier for people in your dilemma to bring their spouses to the US. Hopefully the legislation will be introduced later this year. Unless you have already done so, I will highly suggest you retain a good attorney. Make sure the lawyer is specialized in consular processing and has plenty of experience.
  4. firstimmigrant

    firstimmigrant Registered Users (C)

    Go for Nikah and get her in US on H4 and then file I-485. GC route will take longer. Good luck!
  5. ruleslaws

    ruleslaws New Member

    what i can suggest you in this regard is to arrange a Nikkah over the phone get it registered.
    i am a Lawyer in Pakistan and its would be an easy way to get her to the US.

    Mr. Hayat Ashraf
  6. amirrauf

    amirrauf Registered Users (C)

    As long as you maintain your H1B status (i.e. do not use EAD card for employment or do not use I-130 for traveling), you can apply for H4. I wont recommend you to do nikkah over the phone since US embassy asks for wedding pics during H4 interview. I also recommend you to apply I-485 ASAP. Don't delay since it takes long time to process.

    Good Luck
  7. saira12

    saira12 New Member

    I have an important query that I want to discuss with you. My fiance is an American citizen who is currently in U.S for his studies, his parents in Pakistan and im in Saudi Arabia. He is planning to start the immigration procedure at the earliest so we have planned to do nikah over phone in coming summers. Following are my queries:

    Will the U.S embassy accept nikah over the phone?
    Can the case be filed at Embassy in Saudia as im residing here?
    What will the marriage place be written in this case?
    Can the U.S embassy objects on this as the groom was not present in saudia at the time of nikah nor will visit saudia later as the Rukhsati functions will take place in pakistan after i get my visa..

    I will highly appreciate a response.
  8. praxx

    praxx Registered Users (C)

    Why don't you call the state department help line and ask them directly?

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