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Family based Immigration - Administrative processing, Islamabad Pakistan

Discussion in 'Pakistan - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Movin' started by immig44, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. immig44

    immig44 New Member

    Hello all,

    I've a few questions but let me give a little background information first. My parents had their first interview for their family based immigration visa in May 2006. US Consulate Islamabad told my father that his case needs administrative processing. After waiting for 8 months in January 2007 they sent the passports back with a letter for new medical and police reports. My parents went to the consulate again and they were told that my mother will get her visa within 5 days and my father will get his visa in 10 days. My mother got her visa on time but it's been more than 3 weeks now and there is no sign of my father's visa. On contacting the US embassy we got a reply that it is still under administrative processing and no travel arrangements should be made at this stage.

    My questions are,

    1. My father is 60+ years of age. Does he still fall under the security clearance process criteria?

    2. When my parents were called again, we thought that the security clearance process is over now because they didn't call them after the medical and police reports expired but after more than 8 months. Is it possible that the security clearance was complete at that time and now they started the clearance process again from scratch?

    3. If there is anyone reading this who has relatives or friends who've been through the same process for a family based immigration visa then please share your experience.

    4. Whenever we contact the US embassy in Islamabad, they tell us that the case is still under Administrative process. Is there a way to get more specific information about the case? Like what stage it is in and whether the security clearance part is over or not.

    Please share you experiences and suggestions.

    Thanks and Regards
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    IMMIADV New Member

    Administrative Processing

    Administrative process is an agonizing process without any time frame it may take days it may take years. Among the family based immigrant Visa applicants the most effected are married daughters of US citizens whose husbands are stuck due this administrative processing as on one hand the daughters have been united with their parents in USA but at the same time they have been separated from their more vital relations their husbands and their children from their fathers. This humanitarian issue of family unification need a little systematic approach and priority keeping in view the repercussions of prolonged split of families. The matter either should be sorted out within the validity period of ISSUED visas or The families should be issued visa together. A special consideration of senior visa applicants will also be solicited.
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  3. jani99

    jani99 New Member

    A facebook group has been created "Protest against Canadian High Commission in Islamabad"...
    I would encourage everyone to join this group and discuss all your matters there, and then we should make a plan to approach top Government officials and news channels and start complaining about the stupid system...

    Let your voice be heard...
  4. hrkhan44

    hrkhan44 New Member

    i visit embassy on 7th march2011 for interview.i was also given a letter indicating administrative processing.they given me two month time for completion.lets see but happen.my age is 67years.my immigration case was approved in feb 2010.my daughter applied for me and for my wife.
    same case is with me.i donot wt is the Administrative processing.when case is already approved,and gone through all the security measure.plz let me know if any body know about admn.processing
  5. purg12er

    purg12er New Member

    US embassy doing same thing to every common one, its very difficult to get visa of US now a days
  6. mohammedkhan

    mohammedkhan New Member

    I have been interviewed on Late Feb,2011 and like everyone I am also under the administrative process, though this painful waiting is very frustrating and I cant concentrate on my work.
    Every min every day i am checking my phone whether i got miss call from AMEX to get my passport, Its been more than three months.
    Looking at the forums like this helps me releases the depression at least i get to know the stories of other people where they are waiting .
    I would suggest every one to share how they are fighting with the current situation as this AP is really frustrating.

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