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F1 status terminated, what should I do?

Discussion in 'General F Visa and Related Issues' started by goldenhk, May 10, 2010.

  1. goldenhk

    goldenhk New Member

    I am an international student from Hong Kong that is studying in an American university that is quite famous, as an undergraduate . This semester during late drop (early April) period I dropped below 12 credits without noticing the problem. University then contacted on April 28th that my F1 status is terminated due to "Unauthorized Drop Below Full Time", and I should leave US immediately.

    I know I should leave US asap, but then before I was informed about the problem, I have regsistered and paid over $12,000 for the summer course in the same school. The course is from early May till late June. So if I finish the course I will be overstaying in US for 2 months.

    If I say I have paid quite a lot of money for my summer course to the embassy as a reason for my overstay, will it be a problem when I reapply my visa?

    If I leave now, which is about 2 weeks passed 18th of Apirl, what is the chance for the embassy to approve my application? I have no crimal records and was not working as a "black labor", just that my GPA was quite low. However I am willing to prove that I will do better in the future by getting a high GPA in summer school.

    Also I have heard it is possible to get a visa in Canada or Mexico. Will that be a solution for my case? What is the difference between that and applying in Hong Kong

    If there is any chance I hope I can finish my summer school, because 1: My family has paid a lot for it, 2: I really need to catch up with my credits, and 3: I know I didn't work hard this semester and I have learned my lesson, so I will do my best in the summer school. That might be a possible way to impress the embassy.
  2. goldenhk

    goldenhk New Member

    Forgot to mention this, the school has already issued me a new initial I-20.
  3. goldenhk

    goldenhk New Member

    Also I am having a week break starting this monday, so if it is possible to apply the visa in canada it will be very helpful.
  4. goldenhk

    goldenhk New Member

    I was told by my international student adviser that I do not need a new visa. A new visa is only needed when I leave the school for more than 5 months. Since I late dropped my courses in early Apirl, when I resume to school in late August it will be less than 5 months.

    I read some cases online which are all different from my case. People with such problem are either didn't enroll for the whole semester, F1 terminated by school because they didn't go to class, and something else. My case is that I late dropped the courses myself.

    I am just wondering if anyone have a similar experience, helping me to verify what my advisor said.
  5. HKAndy

    HKAndy Registered Users (C)

    Go with what your DSO said. They are the one who will request to reinstate your SEVIS status. No you won't need a new visa. First, you are still in the US, with a lapsed status or not. Unless you plan to leave the US, you won't need a new visa. The 5 months period refers to your being out of country as well. Sometimes, student will take a year leave and ask the school for a deferral and the DSO to suspend their SEVIS status. When they are ready to come back to the US, they must apply for a new visa, regardless of whether the old visa is expired or not.

    In your case, since you are already in the US, you will just need to make sure your I-20 is current and SEVIS is current. Only your DSO can help you with both.

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