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EB3 visa for nurses

Discussion in 'General I-140 and Related Issues' started by scarlet, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. scarlet

    scarlet New Member


    I'm a nurse here in the Philippines. I am a registered nurse and has a US license. My friend have read in one website on an agency that nurses with NCLEX, visa screen and melab or Toefl may enter the USA.

    I would like to ask if someone has knowledge on this matter. Any reply would be gladly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. thot

    thot Registered Users (C)

    In some states you need the CGFNS exam too I think.
    But if you want to work, there is only one way: obtaining a working visa, and there is not so many solutions. I know 2 of them:

    1) the green card, you have to find an hospital and be sponsored for it (takes 6 months for work authorization).
    2) Another appropriate visa (I think J-2, if you are married to a J-1 for example).

    But the thing is you should come first as a tourist to have some interviews in the hospitals.
    You cannot enter the US just because you have NCLEX, etc...

    In which state are you registered?

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