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Documents to be submitted with N400

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by american2007, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. american2007

    american2007 Registered Users (C)

    What documents do I need to submit with my N-400? Do I need to submit my tax returns, copy of green card, copy of drivers license etc. I understand I need to submit 2 recent passport size photograph and 2 checks (one for $330 and another for $70). Please list all the documents I need to submit with my N400. Thanks in advance.
  2. McMahon

    McMahon Registered Users (C)

    You can have a look at M-477 (pages 48 and following of the "Guide to Naturalization" M-476 available on the USCIS website).

    M-477 is a document checklist.

    Having applied based on 5 year residence, having been married only once and having no children, I had established the following subset for the sake of my N-400 application - only 1. 2. and 3. being relevant for my case):
    Please remember, if you are married to a US citizen applying on a 3 year residency and/or if you have divorced/remarried and/or have children you may need to send more documentation as needed.
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  3. desihai

    desihai Registered Users (C)

    i submitted
    2 photos with A#/name on back
    one check for $ 400 with A# on memo
    copy of front and back of GC
  4. McMahon

    McMahon Registered Users (C)

    By the way submitting two checks is not a good idea. The USCIS may then cash the $330 check, send ou back the $70 check, then send you a notice telling you that you have not paid the $70. Lots of complications that could be avoided by attaching one single check to the application.
  5. maaa

    maaa New Member

    N-400 doc's question.
    I understand all the doc's that need to be attach with the N-400 form.
    I've been a resident for 17years. And been married with a US citizen for a year and 10 months. He was born in USA. Do I still need to send copies of his birth certificate, marriage certificate ?? I want verify the doc's that I need to send
  6. McMahon

    McMahon Registered Users (C)

    Since you have not been married for 3 years with a US citizen, you are applying on the 5-year Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) basis.

    Consequently, according to the list of documents to submit, you would not need to attach to your N-400 such documents as Marriage Certificate or spouse's birth records.
  7. maaa

    maaa New Member


    Thanks for taking the time to answer?
    What documents do I need to take to the interview ?
  8. Jedi.Knight

    Jedi.Knight Registered Users (C)

    Hey Maaa,

    If your case is straight forward you just need to take the following:

    Passport (old and new)
    green card
    driver's license
    two additional passport photos

    other documents you may want to have just in case:
    three pay stubs
    three bank statements
    three phone bills
    5 years of tax transcripts both state and federal (they are free)
    job verification letter
    if you are a male (which you are not) a copy of your selective service registration letter

    Here is a great link with this info!

    hope this helps!!
  9. Flydog

    Flydog Registered Users (C)

    The letter will tell you to bring your passport, your GC and other immigration documents. There is a "sticky" posting that explains *all* that you might possibly bring. If you bring it all, drive a truck:)

    Read your N-400 over again. For anything that looks like it might generate a question (trips, "yes" answers to one of the questions, etc), bring someting that proves your point or explains away whatever the IO might bring up.

    Also bring your entire "N-400 File". Mine was several inches thick by the time I got to the interview.

    Other that things that have changed (or that you have since found to be incorrect on the original form), don't volunteer any information unless the IO asks - never answer a question unless it is asked.

    Good luck
  10. maaa

    maaa New Member

    Thanks to Jedi.Knight and FlyDog
    Humm I never had a passport, I only traveled out of the country with my
    green card and matricula.
    I'm thinking the matricula might work too.
    What do you people think.

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