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do you have to be a US citizen to serve on the jury?(federal or local courts)

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by TwoScoops, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. TwoScoops

    TwoScoops New Member

    do you have to be a US citizen to serve on the jury?
    (federal or local courts)

  2. Ladybuggy

    Ladybuggy Registered Users (C)

    Yes because for them to put you on Jury Duty they get your Info by voting. You vote you might be on a Jury Duty someday .. somewhere. You don't vote .. no Jury Duty and since you have to be a citizen to vote you have to be a citizen to be on Jury Duty
  3. takadigi

    takadigi Registered Users (C)

    That's BS. Since I am not a Citizen yet, I have never voted. But I have been selected many times for Jury duty. And each time I had to write back to the Court about my ineligibility because of my non-citizen status.

    Wherever you got your information from is total garbage.
  4. takadigi

    takadigi Registered Users (C)

    Yes, that's correct. You have to be a citizen to be on the Jury. It is clearly mentioned on the Jury duty letter that is sent out with any such calls.
  5. Imy

    Imy Registered Users (C)

    To serve you have to be citizen but as we know how govt. works many of us who are not citizen still get the letter and then you have to send it back saying sorry not yet.
  6. boatbod

    boatbod Registered Users (C)

    Actually the electoral roll was at one time used to be used to determine names for jury duty, however that practice was discontinued after the govt figured out people were deliberately not registering in order to avoid being selected for duty.
  7. Ladybuggy

    Ladybuggy Registered Users (C)

    Whatever Takadigi ! BS was a little harsh but seems like in your world everyone has to be perfect !

    To you TwoScoops. Yes I was wrong. Here is what I found ! So in a way I was right, lol.

    "If I Register To Vote, Will I Be Called For Jury Duty?"

    Jurors are drawn from lists of state taxpayers and licensed drivers as well as from voter registration rolls. Do not give up your right to vote in the hope that you will avoid jury duty. Chances are, if you pay taxes or drive a car, you will still be called. Besides, serving on a jury is a privilege, one that permits you to personally stand up for all Americans' right to a trial by a jury of their peers.
  8. NewlyMinted

    NewlyMinted Registered Users (C)

    Even if they call you to serve, you don't have to serve if you are not a citizen. Simply write them back to tell them that you are not a citizen.
  9. Huracan

    Huracan Registered Users (C)

    Non-citizens cannot serve in the jury. The jury duty form has an option to specify that you are dismissed because not being a citizen. Your comment seems to imply that there is a choice for a non-citizen to be or not in the jury.

    Both my wife and I received requests for jury duty in the past, returned the forms indicating that we are not citizens and never heard back again. As explained by other posters they compile the list from multiple sources and they know they are sending requests to non-citizens in their attempt to reach all residents. That's why they make it simple to indicate that one is disqualified for jury duty because of not being a citizen.
  10. harvydonald

    harvydonald Registered Users (C)

    I got a jury duty letter, took my Green Card with me and approached the judge before the jury selections began and told him I was not a citizen....he said "Do you want to be excused?"...I said I didn't care one way or the other...he put me on the jury panel. The lawyers didn't select me, so I was let go after a couple of hours.
  11. NewlyMinted

    NewlyMinted Registered Users (C)

    Did you read my comments? I know non-citizen serve on a jury. But they send letters asking non-citizen to serve anyway. What my comment said, was even if they send you the letter, let them know you are not a citizen. The wording wasn't perfect, but I think most people understood what I meant

  12. Flydog

    Flydog Registered Users (C)

    My wife received several summons for different types of juries in different courts in different states while she had a GC. In each case, the summons had a question "Are you a US Citizen" and if you answered "No" you were instructed to return the summons and not show up. So, that's what she did.

    Given what I know of the US (having lived in two *very different* states), I would expect the rules vary by state you live in.

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