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Do I need to send Surrender Certificate ORIGINAL when I apply for OCI ?

Discussion in 'Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Issues' started by RAM9999, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. RAM9999

    RAM9999 Registered Users (C)

    I'm going to mail my OCI documents and have a question...anyone can help me ASAP.

    Do I need to send the passport "Surrender Certificate" original or just xerox copy of that certificate?

  2. antonc

    antonc Registered Users (C)

    No original of any kind need be dispatched as supporting document or validation document. All self attested true copies. Do a basic search in this subforum.
  3. RAM9999

    RAM9999 Registered Users (C)

    Hi All :

    Do I need to mail US Passport original when mailing documents for OCI ?
  4. JPBoston

    JPBoston Registered Users (C)

    For the initial OCI application submission, no. You just need to submit self attested copies of it along with all the other supporting docs. Once the OCI is approved and the official OCI visa and booklet arrive from India, then that is when you will need to mail your US passport to get the sticker affixed in it.
  5. koblu

    koblu Registered Users (C)

    There is an exception to your statement. The PIO card (if applicable) needs to be mailed in original (as well as copy) along with the OCI app.
  6. antonc

    antonc Registered Users (C)

    Oh ! OK, good to know; under what circumstances would someone get a PIO in the first place if OCI is available and they are eligible ? Money cannot be the answer. Because if some cannot spring for a couple of hundred bucks, then they cannot afford even to take a trip to India ;)
  7. JPBoston

    JPBoston Registered Users (C)

    PIO card is more expensive to get than an OCI and plus it's only valid for 15 years as opposed to lifetime. So I agree that in nearly all cases, it makes way more sense to get the OCI. The one edge case that I can think of is that a spouse (who has no Indian heritage whatsoever) can get PIO if he/she is married to someone of Indian heritage. Now why someone would not apply for a 10 year visitor visa instead is another question but there probably is some unique cases where it may make more sense getting a PIO than the visitor visa.
  8. gc4us

    gc4us Registered Users (C)

    For some persons, it depends on which consulate you are applying at.... If you are in SFO, then you are required to provide your original US Passport.... based on the following link.... (Question 8 Item 5)

    All these consulates are very dynamic and fluid in their rules and instructions for OCI/SC...... Best to check the appropriate site for the latest and greatest rules before you mail your docs....

    Good luck,
  9. pmohanan

    pmohanan Registered Users (C)


    For SFO, you need to have the original surrender certificate, Indian and the US passport along with the application.
    They have given instruction on which document can be self attested when submitting the application.
  10. antonc

    antonc Registered Users (C)

    Move to NYC or CHI juridiction :) To have a US passport tied up for months is unacceptable to FF
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2010
  11. howdy.amigo

    howdy.amigo Registered Users (C)


    If you renounced Indian citizenship, then you can apply for OCI. If the parenrs are Indian citizens, kids can get PIO only, not OCI. When parents want to emmigrate and renounce their Indian Citizenship, then kids can apply for OCI.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2010
  12. antonc

    antonc Registered Users (C)

    Grandparent born in India---> grandchild eligible for OCI
    Greatgrandparent born in India ---> greatgrandchild eligible for PIO
    Parents both Indian citizen ----> Child is only eligible for PIO ?
  13. JPBoston

    JPBoston Registered Users (C)

    I think the one situation where the USC child of two Indian parents can apply for OCI is after the child is no longer a minor (either 18 or 21, not sure) and therefore is applying on their own.

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