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Do I have to pay AOS fee twice for wife and daughter?

Discussion in 'Consular Processing Issues-Immigrant Visas (Green ' started by blkhawk, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. blkhawk

    blkhawk Registered Users (C)


    NVC sent me the AOS fee for my daughter but I had already paid that fee for my wife. Do I have to pay this again for my daughter? Should the two cases be linked and charged one AOS fee?

    Thank you.
  2. Concerned4us

    Concerned4us Banned

    Why do you not think you would have to pay for each person? There are 2 cases therefore there are processing fees for each. If you cannot afford the fees, you cannot afford to pay for them to live here.
  3. blkhawk

    blkhawk Registered Users (C)

    you know, for a second, I thought about not wasting my time and replying to your silly answer but then I said to myself maybe I should point out how silly you are!

    You could have been a little more useful on this forum by providing accurate information instead of randomly accusing people of being poor and not being able to afford the $70 AOS fee!!!

    NVC normally charges one AOS fee per related applications (wife and children). All I wanted to know is whether any of the folks on this forum have had a similar situation and whether they had to pay a separate fee for family applications that they had processed at the same time.

    After a bit of researching, I found the following quote from NVC's FAQ website:

    Here is a link to the FAQ page:

  4. fromnaija

    fromnaija Registered Users (C)

    I think that is insulting to the OP. He was asking a simple legitimate question. Why should you rush to conclude he could not afford to pay?
  5. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    Before they send you affidavit of support NVC generate AOS bill to petitioner and you need to pay only$70 (at the same time they send Choice of Agent form DS-3032 to Beneficiary) once you pay the $70 they send you info about Affidavit of support I-864 and after Affidavit of support is sent then they ask Immigrant Visa fees.
    You may be mixing immigrant visa bill fees with AOS bill.
  6. blkhawk

    blkhawk Registered Users (C)

    I totally understand the difference between AOS and IV fees. I emailed NVC and asked them to link the two cases. Today I checked my daughter's case via the online payment center and it now shows the AOS fee as PAID. But I can't seem to print out a cover sheet. I ended up mailing the I-864w (my daughter qualifies for a waiver) with my wife's AOS cover sheet. So hopefully that won't confuse NVC.
  7. pipedream2

    pipedream2 Registered Users (C)

    Fees for two cases by one petitioner

    My case is similar to yours. I have two cases (both sons are living in two different countries and thus two different consular offices involved). I made the AOS fee $70.00 for each beneficiary. So I made two AOS fee payments. Now I have received IV fee invoices and asked NVC to link up the two cases into one. The State FAQ said that US Citizen petitioner can pay only one AOS and IV fee for two cases. Then is this not applicable for the Permanent Resident petitioner? I am not a US citizen as yet.
  8. blkhawk

    blkhawk Registered Users (C)

    In case the petitioner is a permanent resident, all family members can be included in one application. So you pay the AOS fee once. You still have to pay the IV fee for each family member.
  9. calista

    calista Registered Users (C)

    my husband is the petitioner (USC) and myself and our son are the beneficiaries. we were only asked to pay the AOS fee once since it's a related case. this is what NVC told us over the phone.
    we just got the IV Fee Bill yesterday. quite concerned coz we only receive the one for our son. we will be calling NVC on monday. we already sent an email but they do not reply to emails that promptly. :)
  10. JP85

    JP85 New Member

    Yhea just ignore stupidty but I guess the NVC has a way off knowing for since your spouse is the principal applicant. I will be paying the visa fees today. I only had to pay one AOS fee. Its $80 dollars now

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