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Car Export - US Customs - Blaine Port

Discussion in 'Moving to Canada and Local Issues' started by sangeeta01, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. sangeeta01

    sangeeta01 Registered Users (C)


    tried calling the customs line but no one is ever available to answer questions on the procedure/documentation :(

    if any of you have any information, please advise. I understand US Customs needs the documentation 72 hours in advance. If you have done this before, please share the experience and the details.

    Thanks very much,
  2. cxchih

    cxchih Registered Users (C)

    I have done this through Rainbow Bridge Port early this month.
    US customs only requires a title of the vehicle being faxed to them at least 72 hours prior to actual exporting but no more than 1 week.
  3. justjoe

    justjoe New Member

    contact Livingston international on the Canadian side they can help you. they are Canadian government appointed import agent to insure that the vehical can be imported/modified to meet Canadian standards.
  4. kiki8

    kiki8 New Member

    thanx for answers)

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