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Canadian passport renewal from United States

Discussion in 'Citizenship of Canada' started by Junoon123, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Junoon123

    Junoon123 Registered Users (C)

    Hello all, i am in the US on a TN and i have to renew my canadian passport.
    From the website it seems like i have to do the following
    1) send my canadian passport
    2) fill out the application
    3) sign by gaurantor
    4) 2 pics
    5) ? it asks me for one of the following 4 documents
    Certificate of Canadian citizenship
    Certificate of Naturalization in Canada
    Certificate of Retention of Canadian citizenship
    Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad

    Is Record of landing the same as Naturalization?
    Can someone please answer, if anyone has been through this can they please explain me the process in case i am missing anything?
    Thank You
  2. namecheckvictim

    namecheckvictim Registered Users (C)

    A recently expired Canadian Passport is enough for renewal, you don't need to send proof of Canadian Citizenship as it is only required for first time issuance.
  3. Junoon123

    Junoon123 Registered Users (C)

    Thank You for your prompt response, i will call the passport office on Monday to see exactly what they want.
    This is from their website
    "Canadians wishing to apply for a passport should be aware that, unless they are applying for a passport through the Simplified Renewal Application Process*, passport applications should be submitted with proof of citizenship. If an application is submitted without proof of citizenship it will not be processed and the passport application fee will not be refunded."

    After looking at your post i think i might be applying through simplified renewal application process....
    So per your response (still to check with passport office in canada)
    The following item will be needed
    1) current passport
    2) Two passport size pictures
    3) Form PPTC054 (Adult simplified renewal passport application)
    4) Form PPTC 140 Gaurantor
    5) Fees in Canadian $ only? (do credit card or personal check of Canadian bank account work?

    Thank You once again i was really worried but after your post i seem less worried
    Thanks once again
  4. bigboy00

    bigboy00 Registered Users (C)

    If you read the simplified form carefully, you will notice that no guarantor is needed and there is a section for your credit card information.
  5. Stanley Hermosillo

    Stanley Hermosillo Registered Users (C)

    The recently exp pass should be enough. Peace be your journey!
  6. Junoon123

    Junoon123 Registered Users (C)

    Correct badboy00 i just checked it asks for references on page 2.
    In order to fill out the simplified process the passport should be 5 years old mine is 4 years and 10 months am i ok to send it back. I will call the passport office though but every time i call its a busy ring.

    Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. bigboy00

    bigboy00 Registered Users (C)

    -- Yes, if it is/was valid for 5 years (and it seems so in your case).

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