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Can I study on H4

Discussion in 'General H-1 and H-3 Visa and Related Issues' started by hsbajwa, May 29, 2002.

  1. hsbajwa

    hsbajwa Registered Users (C)

    My wife is H4 visa status. Can someone tell me if a person on H4 can study in a US school or he/she has to convert the status to F1.

    All replies appreciated.
  2. whiz-kid

    whiz-kid Registered Users (C)

    H4 can enroll in university

    H4 status can enroll in any university and whereever applicable if you qualify you can even get instate tuition. H4 cannot work on campus or anywhere. Even H1 can take courses if they like.
  3. hsbajwa

    hsbajwa Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    I am really very thankful for the reply. Appreciated !!
  4. s guru

    s guru Registered Users (C)

    Dis Advantages being H4 student

    You will not be allowed to take one year practical optional training(one year cool work permit) without a valid F1 status. Start schooling get a I 20 and change the status. May take 6-8 months but no risk.
  5. gowdru

    gowdru Registered Users (C)

    Not a bad thing to Study on H4

    You get tax benefit , but you may not be allowed to take on-campus jobs.
  6. Debasis Chakrabarti

    Debasis Chakrabarti Registered Users (C)

    No Title

    I am not sure, but I suppose a H-4 would not be able to recieve compensations like teaching assistantships or research associateships as also a tuition waiver in lieu of such assistantships as that would amount to remuneration. So the best bet is a F-1.

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