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Can I hire a Philippine housekeeper and bring her to US

Discussion in 'H-2A and H-2B B and Related Matters' started by Markg227, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Markg227

    Markg227 Registered Users (C)

    Is it possible to hire a live-in housekeeper or caretaker from the Philippines and bring her here to the US? I am not a business or a hotel, I'm just a private homeowner that needs a little help. Can I hire someone through a Recruitment Agency in the Philippines to work for me in my home? I'm not sure if they will let me direct hire a person or do I have to be a busniess. Thank you.....
  2. Concerned4us

    Concerned4us Banned

    Find a US worker.
  3. Markg227

    Markg227 Registered Users (C)

    I would like to hire a Fhilipino woman that I met over a year ago online. This would give us a chance to met each other and I can show her the US. I'm not sure if I can hire a Philippine worker directly from an agency if the US Embassy will allow that.
  4. uncle sam jobs

    uncle sam jobs New Member

    Yes you can hiore under the H2B visa as long as you can proof to the state wehre youa re located that you do not find a suitable person for what you need. Contact the office of Labor and Industries of your city and find out more.

    Good luck!
  5. marpau

    marpau New Member

  6. sarasflo

    sarasflo New Member

    H2B visas are for seasonal workers predominantly in hospitality and construction businesses to fill positions when there is lack of domestic supply of labor. The H2B visa application therefore requires approval by the U.S. Department of Labor. Housekeeper don't fall in that category. So, the answer is NO. Your best bet is to hire a U.S. resident. If you are trying to bring someone you know, then you have to try other means.

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