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B-2 visa / I-94 no date, any similar cases?

Discussion in 'Entering USA on B Visas' started by KumaGuy, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. KumaGuy

    KumaGuy New Member


    Appreciate it very much if someone has similar experiences to share --

    My parents came to US last month. They got a B-2 visa in December with one year validity (until Dec 2006). When they entered, the immigration officer didn't write down a date on their I-94s.
    On the I-94, there is a stamp saying "Class _____ // Until _____". After "Class", the officer did fill in "B2", but nothing after "Until".

    Is this a mistake by the officer? What should we interpret their valid stay period?

    Thanks for any comments.
  2. cherr1980

    cherr1980 Registered Users (C)

    It is good to check that out right away when they give you the I-94, one time the officer put me a past year! fortunately I checked that out and the guy realized that he didn't move the last digit of his marker, just imagine how many people got the wrong year.

    There are numbers I think that you can call for ICE and I think they can help you out to know what is their maximum stay.
    You can check over here:
  3. bhakum

    bhakum Registered Users (C)

    No valid untill date stamped in I-94 at port of entry for B2 visa


    My mom came to USA few weeks ago and at port of entry, in I-94 they did not stamp any "valid untill" date. Does it mean she can stay upto 6 months ? Did you find out with your parents case who had the same issue?
    Pls share what you found out.

  4. cherr1980

    cherr1980 Registered Users (C)

    You must contact the cbp.gov asap.

    Good luck,

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